Ankara Centre for Crisis and Policy Research (ANKASAM) is an Ankara-based think tank incorporated by International Amity Cooperation and Strategy Research Association (UDISAD). By virtue of its numerous experts, researchers and academicians who possess strategic prudence, broad vision and depth analysis, ANKASAM; as a non-governmental organisation aspires to be a pacesetting think tank in Turkey through its varied works on regional and functional studies. Predicating scientificness and objectivity in its preparation of comprehensive analyses, articles, reports, journals, books and other similar publications, ANKASAM seeks to serve and further enhance Turkey’s reputation at regional and global scale. As a result, it organises seminars, brainstorming sessions, panels, conferences and conducts effective cooperation with the media. In addition, ANKASAM aims to contribute to the decision-making and foreign policy formation process through studies it prepares. Hence, engaging in activities that contribute to Turkey’s historical and national experience as well as development of its political and diplomatic relations are pretentions of ANKASAM. In this context, as a centre for strategic research, the analysis of the economic, political and social crises occurring in the international system and the development of policies that include solutions for them are undoubtedly one of the most important priorities of ANKASAM. From this point of consciousness, ANKASAM has taken the upmost responsibility to determine, scrutinise and elucidate economic, political and social risks and threats not only in Turkey’s close vicinity but also globally.


  • To follow closely the continuous developments in the international order, ensuring Turkey’s position as a powerful actor.
  • To determine and relay the right policies for Turkey so as to benefit, at the highest level from world’s wealth and prosperity.
  • To stipulate, in a timely manner current risks and threats in Turkey’s close vicinity and develop and suggest strategies to prevent them.


  • To become a coordination centre based on scientificness and objectivity in order to develop a common strategic mind for peace and stability on regional and global level.
  • Be instrumental in formalising Turkey’s regional and global policies by carrying out studies on culture, ethnicity, religion, economy, society, security, politics, democracy, law and human rights in addition to regional studies.
  • To engage in all kinds of communication and academic endeavours in order to develop and strengthen the political, economic-trade and cultural-based relations with societies, non-governmental organisations, universities, media and think tanks in friendly and neighbouring nations as well as globally.
  • To bestow accurate, clear and practical information through meticulous studies.


  • Human First
  • Inventiveness
  • Open to Change
  • Creativeness
  • Broad Vision
  • Scientificness
  • Impartialness
  • Depth Analyses
  • Comprehensive Observation Capability
  • Field Focus
  • Constructive Criticism
  • Shared Wisdom
  • Cooperation and Dialogue
  • Universal Peace and Fraternity