Evangelical Succumbs in the “Western Façade”

Until yesterday, there weren’t any metamorphosis in the Western front line. However, this is not the case anymore. Long years have elapsed over this novel, which in a sense inspired the heading of this analysis and linkages established by the West are all water under the bridge.

Frankly speaking, things are not going well for the West. In the strict sense, the West is in the process of disintegration primarily attributed to its core values; Racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia all under the banner of Crusader spirit. The return of the West to these historical maxims brings with it many new alienations, and it is naïve to believe that it confines only to the Islamic World.

Likewise, as defections endure in the West, a process of reckoning within itself has already been paved up. This situation does not hold rational function in Western retention because it has not been in such stalemate since the end of the World War era. This situation is considered as a quantum leap.

For this reason, it is essential to conceive the dictum of the circumstances-frameworks that lead to this decline. This is because the parameters seem to lead us to an alternative meaning.

Recent momentous developments that flout our mnemonic can be listed as follows:

  1. The end of the Cold War, connoted by the collapse of the Berlin Wall during the disintegration of the USSR, transpires the first major breakthrough, which contrary to expectations forfeited the monopoly of the US and therefore the West to become a global power.
  2. The reinforced East factor and in this context, the establishment of a de facto Alliance between China, Russia, Iran and Turkey, that defies the West.
  3. Besides being an agitation, these countries are further expanding their presence in their historical-geographical domain and immediate vicinity, thus restricting the manoeuvrability of the West and aim to abolish their omnipresence completely.
  4. Concordantly, the emergence of a leadership conundrum in the West due to the shortcomings of the US both globally and in the West.
  5. Significant frustration in economic and financial terms and the fact that the 2008 economic crisis has not being eluded completely, has led to the resurrection of nation-state understanding in the West.
  6. The pursuit of multipolarity in the Western World and the intention of being part of it.

What does the resignation of the French Chief of General Staff imply?

The internal struggle-disintegration in the West is deeper and more severe. Brexit, in this sense, is the tip of the iceberg in the ongoing struggle and taking the latest developments into account, this division will prompt a new dimension to Evangelism.

The first explicit questioning of these circumstances came from the US and metamorphosed into a defining moment with the United Kingdom and Brexit. If Germany and France in the strictest sense can act as independent countries, the situation will take culminate into a different dimension. This is because there is a far-reaching roust in both countries.

The resignation of Chief of Staff; General Pierre de Villiers, which emerged as a last-minute occurrence at this point, is critical. Although the resignation seems to stem as a consequence of tug-of-war between the Chief of General Staff and President Macron, the following two facts revived in the press mean much: 1. Stark perception contrast, 2. Objection of the Chief of General Staff on some of President Macron’s policies.

The next article will elaborate in detail the French perspective which constitutes the vital point of matter to what the policy changes mean and Macron’s actions and their outcomes on the French state-society structure.

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