From Nazism to Neo Con-Evangelism; the Psychological State of the United States of America

The incidents following September 11, has once again demonstrated that the United States is the biggest threat to the whole world. Like colonialism, the American Imperialism of the 20th and 21st century cherish on blood. However, the belief of being fed by blood is the common misconception of all powers that embrace a centrosphere approach. Forasmuch these forces have asphyxiated in the blitz they caused and will continue to do so.

Consequent to September 11, the United States engaged Afghanistan on “legitimate” reason of putting an end to manslaughter at home. Incidentally, those who supported the invasion also began to factualise their micro targets through support of the United States, presuming that the havoc would be limited to only Afghanistan.

Eventually, they were deluded. In fact, the whole world — except for Israel and a few other repudiations — is currenly facing a serious “American threat” and no state is sure of tomorrow. This is because the “loose cannon” accompaniment of the United States has led to rightful worries and discomposure.

Therefore, it has become crucial to understand the mental state of the “American Empire” and its leaders; especially Donald Trump. This is because the deep-state Neo-Con Evangelicals of the United States are demanding a discriminable and unilateral cooperation from the whole world by virtue of Trump’s irrational behaviour and those who resist are confronted with “open ended threats”.

“Soviet Syndrome” at the White House…

As underlined numerous times, the United States is no longer able to achieve results via soft power factors and in this sense, it has lost its competitive edge. Moreover, due to erroneous policies, the Washington administration has been reduced into an actor that lacks persuasiveness, credibility, aversiveness and financial power and if the situation keeps progressing, the United States will begin to fail to protect its own unity.

Herein, the United States does not want recess into a situation similar to the collapse of United Soviet Socialists’ Republic. As is known, despite having thousands of nuclear silos, the Soviet Union had to dissolve its empire after disinheriting its economic and financial power.

The United States is no longer a financial-economical powerhouse and the situation is getting worse day after day. Trump confessed this reality in his inaugural speech. He also asserted that a defeat coincident with the Soviets would not be welcomed by the United States. Since the United is deprived of options, it sees the return to hard-power as exigence rather than a choice.

Hitler had Stumbled into the Same Error!

For now, the United States has limited its rhetoric to “verbal threatening”, not resorting to direct or indirect occupation yet. However, Washington is willing to initiate a Third World War if it does not achieve its goals.

As a matter of fact, the current demeanour of the United States is akin to the politics of the Nazi Germany in the inter-war period. Hitler used to resort to intimidation in order to achieve his aims and in the event of not succeeding he exercised occupation. In this context both actors have feared “yielding”. However, the difference is that one of them was trying to turn the tables for a country (Germany) which was defeated in a major war, while the current actor is making a bid to avoid the inevitable collapse of his nation.

It is also important to mention that the cupidity of Hitler which mustered a World War coaxed a “Israeli State”, while Trump’s noncompliant comportment destine a “Greater Israel”. Hitler may involuntarily expedite the foundation an “Israeli State”, but Trump is cherishing dearly a “Greater Israel” or an “Evangelical Empire”.

Trump is Compelling God to Pandemonium!

In view of the United States many concepts have undergone a major transformation (Perhaps when Barack Hussein Obama called for “change” he either mistakenly confessed the truth or was preparing the whole world to accept what was coming.) and these notions are primarily; “friend”, “ally”, “enemy” and “foe”. According to the United States (excluding Israel), the world is divided into two; namely those who are liable to the “Evangelical Empire” and those who serve or oppose the “Greater Israel”.

Thus no one should trust the US version of friend or ally. Moreover, the new friendship-alliance relation format of the US requires complete non-resistance and this illustration has no room for “sharing” or “partnership”.  It is purely a case of Neo-Con, Evangelical approach…

The United States has a sole goal; that is to fulfil the mission it undertook after the Second World War. Hence it is acting accordingly. Thus, the United States is being ruled by a class that believe that “Greater Israel” or the “Evangelical Empire” can only be established through a great conflict that would “compel the God to pandemonium”.

This why the United States is labelled as a “loose cannon”, which perfectly reflects its irrational power.

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