Incomplete Settlement Between Ankara and Washington

In the coming days, Ankara will host US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and White House National Security Adviser Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond McMaster. These accommodations will not be out of the ordinary since in the current situation, the armed forces of both states could confront one another at any moment.

The parties are aware of this situation, hence are keeping the diplomacy on the table. In this context, the visit of the US delegation is remarkable. At this point, the determination of Ankara and desperation of the US is significant.

In this context, Turkey has responded to Washington’s repeated assertations of; “limiting” Operation Olive Branch, “abandoning the offensive towards Munbij”, “you need our support” by retaliating that operations will continue “until all PYD/PKK units are exhumed from the Syrian border”.

Well then, will these visit lead to a conclusion? Not Really. Therefore, it seems that the “pointless period” will continue to prevail in Turkish-American relations

On the other hand, it is apparent that the process cannot continue in this way. In other words, maintaining a sustainable relation between Ankara and Washington under current conditions is not possible. The existing situation only leads to freezing an escalating, deepening, expanding and enduring conflict as much as possible.

Herein the future of the process heavily depends on US’s attitude towards Turkey and the steps it will attain in this regard. The US shall either sit down with Turkey or develop a policy where Ankara has no place on the table.

Herein the goal is clear: Turn international public opinion against Turkey and force Ankara to comply.

If the US Fails to Achieve a Result, the “Dirty Battle” will be Escalated!

In terms of those who closely follow the recent Turkish-American relations, the answer to this question is very simple!

The US will try to endanger and cause causalities for the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and Free Syrian Army (FSA) while also attempting to cause a conflict between the two.

At this point, multidimensional attrition wars towards TAF and FSA are obvious. While the US is targeting TAF and FSA through terrorists with sophisticated weapons to their owners; on the other, the media and a number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), think tanks, are circulating news and reports based on their disinformation, to influence / suppress their manoeuvrability.

It worth remembering the period between March 1 Permit and 2007 Sack crisis whereby the United States utilised mainly PKK and the so-called genocide as means to punish Turkey. The US kept pushing on those topics mercilessly until Erdogan & Bush met in Washington in November 2007 and reached a consensus.

At this point the US will push for a new process with groups it is in conflict with in order to influence Turkey. The US which “failed to use” Turkey in Syria abruptly ended the “model partnership” period and bailed on Turkey during Geneva talks of 2012. Instead the US has sought partnership with Russia and Iran.

The developments that followed are well known. The USA following the 2013 military coup in Egypt and Gezi events has pursued a policy to “neutralise”, “disreputable”, “isolate” and “destabilise” Turkey. These events reached paramount point on “15th of July Hybrid Coup”.

Turkey has not Renounced its “New Republic Project”

Even though the US has not openly discarded Turkey in Syria and the Middle-East, it shall still pursue strain policy as set in the above three examples. The US still believes that Turkey can brought under control. The US which envisioned to initiate a civil war in Turkey via the “15th July Hybrid Coup”, has not abandoned this goal.

So, the name and method are clear: The US wants to transform Turkey via civil strife and terror organisations and Washingston’s choice of “ally” is a direct reference to this issue. Therefore, support to PYD-YPG/PKK/SDG by the US from 2016 showcase how the US is willing to implement its new strategy.

The US believes that there is at least a year or two which it could appraise. Through its “covert war” the US is planning to construct its version of “New Turkish Republic”. In this context an indirect coup via Syria has been mobilised.

During their visit, US authorities will renounce this. However, Turkey has its response ready!

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