Iran’s Response to Perverse Messianic Policies…

In my article entitled “Message from Israeli Columnist …”, referring to the columnist Ben Caspit, I emphasized the fact that some secular leftists in Israel welcomed the ceremony organized by the US Embassy to move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on May 14 as “messianic”, and I asked: “doesn’t Iran have a message for all this?”

As I pointed out in my last article, Iran has an answer to this perverse neoconservative understanding/politics, of course. There is even a history dating back to about two and a half years from the Israeli columnist …

Let us remind …

January 12, 2016. Iran Revolutionary Guard commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, who spoke in the program organized in Islamic Education Center for Strategic Studies in Tehran, through the agency Fars declared the whole world that 200 thousand armed youth in 5 countries are ready in accordance with the common objectives with Iran and what is happening in the region prepares the ground for the arrival of the Mahdi.

Expressesing this development as “the preparation for the arrival of the Mahdi”, Jafari says the following: ” We must be willing to sacrifice ourselves to achieve the high goals of the Islamic Revolution (the Iranian Revolution). Adn we must play our role in the spirit of jihad for the Islamic Revolution by using the capabilities God has given us. The emergence of ISIS and tekfir groups in recent years in the region and the events that have taken place, all of them are preparing the conditions of the appearance (coming of Mahdi). The positive outcome of this is that approximately 200 thousand armed youth are ready in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen.”

Let’s open a small parenthesis here and give the following information: The Jafarides in Iran believe that the Mahdi will emerge soon after the rupture of the doomsday, that in this context, the increase of chaos and wars around the world is a sign of the Mahdi’s arrival. In the meantime, it is interesting to note that Christians, Jews and Evangelists, a hybrid mixture of both, express a similar discourse through Christ.

In a more tangible statement, there is not much difference in the context of rhetoric, methods, tools and targets between the US, built on a messianic thought and which is in the position of “Castle of Evangelism” and carrying its ambassy to Jerusalem as a final move at this point and Iran, which is based the ground of legitimacy of the Islamic revolution and the search for influence in foreign policy on Mahdi within the framework of the “Iran-Islam” concept. Indeed, as of today, one speeding up the coming of the Messiah, another the appearance of Mahdi, like “forcing God to doomsday”…

“Clowns’ Fight” between US and Iran?

All these developments between the US and Iran, which have been in crisis since the Islamic Revolution of Iran, are in fact a controlled crisis (in simple words “Clowns’ Fight”) or a new stage in the “Armageddon War”? Because they both seem to have a common legitimacy ground: the Mahdi/Messiah…

He must have caught your attention. The countries in this statement of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Jaafari are largely overlapping with those of Hamas, Hizbollah, Al Qaeda and the Taliban, where US President Trump claims that Iran is in co-operation. When you consider Syria, Lebanon and Palestine in the same line, Hamas is included. Hence, there is struggle for domination, a sphere of influence over the Messiah-Mahdi. As a matter of fact, it is noticed that the regions, which are seen as a struggle area between US and Iran, had been a common area of cooperation until yesterday.

Carte blanche taken away from Iran…

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo almost admits the “clowns’ fight and deep cooperation/common interest between them in a “new Iran strategy”, including the 12 conditions announced on May 21st, and uses the following statement: “Iran will never again have carte blanche to dominate the Middle East.” ”

I’m taking your attention; Pompeo talks about a carte blanche, given the hands of Iran…

What is this carte blanche? And when was it handed to Iran? I’m sure you’re asking yourself these questions.  Well, to be honest, the answer is that it’s closely related to 9/11 and later. Because one of the countries that supported the US invasion was Iran, and it didn’t have just only Afghanistan in return…

I’m not claiming it. It is being confessed by the Iranian authorities themselves. How?

Confessions of “Clowns’ fight”

Ali Akbar Velayeti, chief adviser to Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamaney, who interviewed one of Iran’s high-circulation newspapers in September 2016, said his country has collabored with the US in Iraq and Afghanistan on some issues in the past and the said: “A large part of Afghanistan was under the control of the Taliban. Under such conditions, the Americans would not have been able to enter Afghanistan without the help of Iran.”

Clearly stated that there are similar incidents in the Iraq, Velayeti sayd: “Iran and the US have made negotiations to help establish security in Iraq after the fall of Saddam.” At the end of each statement, Velayeti was also establishing the sentences which can be understood as “the US sold us.”

By the way, we can’t say that Velayeti is the first in this regard. Even in chronological terms, Velayeti is the last confessor … The first serious confession was from former president Rafsanjani. Stating that the negotiations with the US were began before the presidency of the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, “we made cooperation and negotiations with the United States. It has been the same in Iraq,” said Rafsanjani, explaining that Afghanistan-Iraq constitutions were written after talks between the US and Iran.

It should be noted here that Hashimi Rafsanjani, Chairman of Expediency Discernment Council, said in December 2015 that the constitutions of Iraq and Afghanistan were written after the US-Iran talks. Needless to say, this is based on the permission granted by the religious leader.

And what happened, that the partnership has come to an end? The answer is very clear, this is Iran’s response to the perverse messianic conception…

Let’s see who wins, the Mahdi or the Messiah?

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