Is the United States Asserting On “Turkey” While Purging Its “Sandcastles”?

Asseverations exceptionally made from the US camp indicate this change of behaviour. For instance, US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis asserted that the presence of PKK in Sinjar posed a threat to Turkey and that the terrorist organisation must withdraw from this region. Also, an invitation was made to Turkey lay off the Russian S-400’s and purchase the Patriots instead.

Furthermore, US President Donald Trump in his call to the French President Emmanuel Macron stated that “A cooperation should be established and developed with Turkey in Syria”. In other words, the US administration is demanding from the French government to settle down and concur with Turkey in Syria.

The US, aware of French ambitions and proactive lunges in the region by the Libyan operation had deemed it necessary to warn the Paris government to avoid further encounters within a significant conflict.

Arguably, Trump and his team are closely following the French media, notably the Le Figaro and seem that they have read the article; “The West Betraying its Friends in the East” penned by Renaud Girard.

The author of the article expounds that European states should do something to assist the YPG terrorist organisation for the sake of halting Turkey’s influence and power in the region and calls upon relevant parties to initiate a new Crusade, citing the Ottoman Empire and the Cyprus Peace Operation.

For now, it could be said that the US is not satisfied with this call. Hence, the outcome of the elucidation between Trump and Macron has been based on “developing” and “intensify” cooperation with Turkey.

The United Kingdom Has Once Again Stepped In!

Herein, the fundamental question is who convinced the other regarding Turkey? The United States or the United Kingdom?

The answer is undoubtedly the UK. The current situation of the US has made it inevitable for British strategic mindset and “World Deep State” to intervene.

Such arbitration has made itself evident in the averments of Trump toward Macron. It is also clear that Britain will not allow the German-French doublet gain influence and become a disruptive force in Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle-East. The UK-US tandem is trying to once again augment its impact/influence on Europe through the “Sergey Skripal Crisis” while sending a clear message that Ankara will not be left to the Berlin-Paris axis.

What Will Happen to The Greater Middle-East Project If All Sandcastles Are Purged?

Herein, the situation and the future the Greater Middle-East Project (GMEP) unavoidably questioned. The US is facing a severe crisis in Northern Iraq and Syria and has been stalemated in finding an ally as a substitute to Turkey. Those it found (such as PYD-YPG/PKK) are either bunking of or dying in the pits/tunnels they have built. Moreover, the US is not willing to be in a position that needs a confrontation with Turkey.

Apparently, there is a project, but it lacks the instruments to materialise and the legitimacy to keep it alive. Likewise, it is also suffering from ally loss while laying the ground for a strengthened “counter axis”.

The next step is inescapably a conflict with Turkey, which the West is aware of and have already been mentioned in previous articles; “The Sandcastles of the US being Demolished One by One…”, “The Answer to Those Who Claimed That “Afrin Would Be the Second Vietnam” is “the Spirit of Çanakkale” and “Three Confessions and One Truth in Ankara-Washington Axis!”.

Therefore, the only option remaining is getting on terms with Turkey. In fact, the latest egress by Trump indicates that a separate and essential role has been attributed to Ankara in the new strategy between the US and the UK.

In other words, the imposes of Sevres, and the GMEP are being abolished to initiate “win-win” cooperation with Turkey.

This once again leads us to the pre-Second World War conjuncture and Turkey-UK relations. The diligence of Britain in securing Turkey against the rising German-Italian threat and the efforts put to convince France is once again showing itself within the context of Syria.

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