“Ottoman Slap” in Turkish-US Relations

It is evident that Turkey’s offensive towards obliterating the terror corridor in Northern Syria and Iraq will lead to deeper and broader results in Turkish-West relations, especially in the US dimension. The most basic indication of this is the recent declarations made by parties that are overwhelming and exorbitant.

At this point, the hesitant attitude of the US is quite remarkable. This demeanour can either be considered as internal conflict and confusion towards Turkey or a necessity for a multidimensional psychological operation carried within military-political, diplomatic, media context. Another good cop bad cop game by the US.

However, the plans of Neo-Cons outweigh the others since they never get along well with Turkey. This is because projects initiated after September 11 in the Turkish-Islamic world has been disrupted. Hence, there is a sense of rage and reckoning.

It is understood that the US is willing to materialise its failed “New Turkish Republic” model through a direct “occupation” rather than indirect means of “evolution”, “revolution” and “coup”. The “satellite/legion state” being planned in this context is a “part/tool” of this aim. In other words, the US is setting up “occupation units” on the other side of the border.

This is also the underlying reason for the Pentagon to effectuate “Border Protection Units” which will not be limited to Syria. This unit, established under the leadership of SDF and consisting of PYD/PKK terror units will be posted to Syria and Iraq’s northern borders.

The statements of Eric Edelman, former US Ambassador to Ankara and Lieutenant General Paul E. Funk, the top US commander in Iraq are essential in assessing the determination and commitment of the US.

Thus, the declaration of Turkey “as an ally out of control” which should be responded to with “tough actions” by Edelman and assertion of Funkin that they will remain in Munbij and if necessary counter with “aggressive action” are clear indications of US tenacity in protecting PYD/PKK.

Allegations mainly by US Department of State and Pentagon that the operation carried out by Turkish Armed Forces and Free Syrian Army in Northern Syria against PYD-YPG/PKK/SDF terror organisations has caused infirmities should be considered as “legitimacy milestone” for occupation rather than a retraction. The US is postulating to penalise its “old ally” with its “new partner”.

It is self-evident that the US, which is currently occupying and envisioning to establish a “state within a state” in Syria, is aiming to target the Eurasia centric emerging East. For this, the US is even ready to be at war with Turkey.

Turkey is the backbone of the emerging East against the collapsing West. If the fortitude of Ankara is devastated, Iran, Pakistan and eventually Russia will be next in line. Russia aware of this situation has taken the necessary actions since 2015. China’s announcement that it will show presence in Syria is another indication of aligning against US’s scheme.

Therefore, this process is quite troublesome for the US. Thus, it is continuously attacking and pressuring Ankara to “make a choice”, just like was the case in 2007.

At that time, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, then Prime Minister of Turkey threatened to let relations to “drift away” while Chief of General Staff, General Yaşar Büyükanıt indicated that “the US constantly kept shooting itself in the foot”. A similar reaction was put forward by İlker Başbuğ, Commander of the Turkish Land Forces who expressed that “a war with the US is unlikely, however, the cost might be doubled”.

However, the current reaction is more rigid. The US is being forced into making preference or having the Ottoman slap. Ankara is also indicating that it will not hesitate to be at war with the US if necessary.

So, what if the US insists on going on its way? Well, they ought to peg out. The issue is this simple!

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