“Solomon’s Temple” or Chaos Order!

While the Islamic World preoccupies itself with artificial agendas, the “Deep World State” has embarked on a new chapter in its millennium-long contemplation. Expedited operations, overwhelmed recently indicate a final preparation for the hour of judgment. Such undertakings that many within us are prepared to utilise in distorting the occurrences along with their Evangelical counterparts.

As a matter of fact, the current proceeding put into practice by the “Deep World State”, and the resistance against Israeli Occupation Forces are being deceived. According to the media, the sole reason of contention by Palestinians are the metal detectors equipped in the entrances of Masjid al-Aqsa.

What they fail to pen is the palpability of Palestinians objecting the destruction of Masjid Al-Aqsa and having it patched with Solomon’s Temple which left 67 wounded and one martyr in the latest occasion. The basis of the media failing to report such cases lays in the fact that they too are a task in this doomsday battle. After all, the mess derives from her!

At this case, it is crucial to recall once again the litigation which is; Demolishing Masjid Al-Aqsa and restituting Solomon’s Temple for the third time, thus forcing “God” for a pandemonium! With the construction of Solomon’s Temple, the relation between Zionism-Evangelism will attain its pinnacle peak, hastening the coming of the Crist and in its wake, the Great Kingdom of Israel will be established.

Many would perceive this manifestation as an absurdity or a “divine script”, however, this is nothing more than benightedness. Those who wish to be convinced can scrutinise the Messianic understanding in the founding philosophy of the United States of America, and the “New Crusaders”, discourse following September 11.

Then only can one comprehend what the US is contemplating with the “Chaos Order”! In other words, one of the main purposes of the Greater Middle-East Initiative, which the US put into effect after 9/11 attacks is domiciliation the “Greater Israel Project”.

As a matter of fact, Israel is meeting the case by facilitating the opportunities bestowed by the Greater Middle-East Initiative. After all, the Islamic World still lacks substantially in confronting Israel.

This dissertation can be validated by decrying the states who are content to preserve the status of Masjid Al-Aqsa and moderate the rigidity in Jerusalem. Namely; 1) United Nations (UN), 2) European Union (EU), 3) Russia, 4) USA. The list lacks any Islamic state, hence justify the argumentation above.

The Second State is Put into Practice!

As the Islamic World struggles desperately in its right, the “Zionist-Evangelical Alliance” pursues to push on with its doomsday agenda through Holy Places. Through the medium of “Islamic Civil War Scenarios” leading capitals of the Islamic world; for instance, Baghdad, Najaf, and Damascus are reduced to a pile of debris. On the other hand capitals such as Istanbul, Mecca and Medina are endeavoured to be next in line.

All the while aspiring to exercise such destruction through Muslim countries and their weapons. It is constructive to look at the Iranian-Saudi, Qatari-Saudi and much more from this perspective.

In a time where the Islamic World is occupied by promulgations, Israel making a bid to destroy another holy city; Masjid al-Aqsa through natural means. Israel thus aims to provide a basis for Messiah and draw a line to the second of the seven chapters in the through the Evangelical-Zionist cognizance of; “Raising hell by which believers of the Bible and Jesus Christ will rise to heaven”.

Because for the second coming of the Jesus Christ the signs for his ordeal must be achieved. Those who desire can examine this seven gradation. Within the context of this article, only the first two deeds will be appraised

  1. The restoration of Jews to Palestine and the establishment of State of Israel. (The occupation of Jerusalem through the secret treaty of Skyes-Picot-Sazanov and the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire occupy an important position.)
  2. Establishment of Greater Israel that leads to the dirty game played on Turkey, which is seen as a big league obstacle in the Greater Middle-East Project.

It seems that Israel pursues a civil war or regional war, which will push Turkey into isolation and polarisation within in itself and the international system, clearing the way for a military intervention.

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