The Answer to Those Who Claimed That “Afrin Would Be the Second Vietnam” is “the Spirit of Çanakkale”

103 years ago, the Allied Powers attacked Çanakkale Strait (Dardanelles) with the aim to occupy Istanbul and by that they would have changed the destiny of the World War I.  They were so much confident of themselves and their steel armors that they thought they would easily go through the Çanakkale Strait without any resistance.  Even, they planned to drink their 5 o’clock tea in Istanbul.

They were not much mistaken in thinking this way.  Because the Ottoman Army, who had not seen any victory within centuries, already lost its major battles in Trablusgarp and in the Balkans. The Ottoman Empire, “the sick man of Europe” as they called it, was counting its last days of his life.

With this motivation, the great war ships began voyaging to the destination of Çanakkale with joy and desire on 18th March of 1915.  Everything was going smoothly as planned up to…

We all know what happened next. Instead of drinking their 5 o’clock tea, they drank plenty of Marmara Sea’s salty water. Indeed, they collided with the real faith of Turks which was stronger than any iron and steel.  They lost the battle but did not learn the lesson.  Then, they came up with another attempt.  The land-attack which began on 25th April of 1915 continued till 8-9th January of 1916.  They attacked all together and died all together either.  Çanakkale once again became their graves.

They did not just leave their ship wrecks and dead bodies in Çanakkale. They also had to postpone and revise their political desires and ambitions because of Çanakkale.  For instance, they could not cooperate with the Tsarist Russia and lost one of their major allies in the World War I.  In fact, Russia shifted to the opposite side afterwards.  Moreover, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics which replaced the Tsarist Russia became the rival of the the Western World. This rivalry is still continuing today…

England had to share its “post war booty” with its allies due to the losses in Çanakkale and Kut’ul Amare between 7th December of 1915 and 29th April of 1916 respectively.  With the Tsarist Russia’s approval and the reciprocal letter communication between England and France, the Allied Powers shared the Anatolian and Middle Eastern lands according to the secret agreement they named “Sykes-Picot-Sazanov.”

Although England tried to mend the situation, it was one of the great power who gave up its imperial ambitions afterwards of its losses in Çanakkale and Kut’ul Amare.  The Allied Powers’ defeat in Çanakkale enabled the emergence of new great power.  The ex-colony of England was ready to replace its master.  It was understood that England lost the World War I and left its place to the United States of America only with the broke out of the World War II.

As an eventual fact, all of the Allied Powers, like the Tsarist Russia and the Great Britain, who fought against Turks in Trace, Anatolia and Middle East lost the war.  The situation is still relevant today.

What Does the 18th March of 2018 Mean?

103 years ago, the Allied Powers of the Western World attached a great importance to Çanakkale but lost the battle.  Today, the conjuncture is almost the same.  Today, we have the United States of America instead of England, who has desire to reconstruct the Middle East and realize the Project of Construction of Great Israel according to its own strategies.  However, The Afrin Operation halted this desire. From 18th April of 2018 on, the dream of the United States of America for the Great Middle East Project is over. The United States of America is defeated in Afrin. In other words, America lost the game.

While the United States was trying to win new allies in the Middle East for the Great Middle East Project and threatening us by them, the USA not only lost Turkey, but came across with the situation where it can confront with Turkey.

Without any doubt, the attitude of the USA towards Menbiç and the eastern part of Euphrates would be a breaking point for the future of Turkish-American relations.  If America resists and insists on its claims, the evolution of the US history and the World history will be different.  One should keep in mind that the Turkish Army is back to its own geography in order to maintain its historical mission in the region.

Afrin is Just the Beginning!

To recall, according to them the Afrin Operation of Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and Free Syrian Army (ÖSO) would be “the second Vietnam”.  Those who threatened us with a civil war, also warned us not to enter Afrin.  For that purpose, they tried to use the United Nations (UN).  But they could neither achieve their aims there.  “The others” in the United Nations demonstrated them that the world is obviously greater than “the Permanent Five.” The return of Turkey to the arena is the beginning of the decline of the imperialist powers.

They tested the strength of Turkish Army in Afrin.  Now, they are facing the shock and fear of that test.  They will see the picture much more clearly in the coming days, when Turkish Army moves towards the very east of Euphrates.

In the 100th anniversary of the end of the World War I, Turkish Nation says that the war was not finished, that we have a deal that has not been over yet. With the wish of Allah, Afrin was a psychological threshold for the Turks.  In this sense, the Turkish flag that was raised in Afrin symbolizes much more than the raise of the flag.

They know what this means without any doubt. That is why they are in panic. Because, the Great Turkey is on his feet again from the place where the flag fell to the ground 103 years ago.

Within this context, the spirit of 57th Regiment revealed itself once again on the 58th day of the Afrin Operation. Since this spirit never dies, the march of the great Turkish Nation towards victory will continue forever. No one should doubt that the Ottoman-Seljuk realm will be “the second Vietnam” for the imperialist powers and their puppets.

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