The Demise of the “New World Order”

The “plurality” outcome of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) during the vote on Jerusalem mark a new turn of events for the whole world. This result is to add mental collapse alongside economic, political and security debasement of the US.

It is no longer secure for the United States, which has begun to face subjective debacle, to become the “master” once again. The world has witnessed that the US is “vincible”.

This is undoubtedly equivalent to the defeat of the “New American Century” project and the Neo-Cons that support it. The Neo-Cons, who are the current representatives of the Evangelica-Zionist alliance, will indeed carry out an extensive query on what went wrong in their assumptions.

As a matter of fact, the first concrete response was the declaration that the US will withdraw/cutback its support to weak states and international organisations/institutions.

The US acknowledging that; it has “noted” those who supported the resolution means the necessary revenge will be taken whenever deemed fit. Therefore this could also be considered as a “polite threatening”.

It will be quite intriguing to see how effective this “note-taking” shall be since the whole world through their votes have utterly stated that they are no longer “afraid and in need” of the US. This “all-out challenge” is the greatest impedance the US has ever faced. On behalf of Israel and the “Greater Israel Project” the US has accepted a term of “solitary confinement” and how it will react to this situation is a “known mystery”.

New World Disorder

President Trump has given a clear-cut implication on what the step the US can or will take. In this context, the “New Security Strategy Document” declared by on December 18th and which could as be termed as the “Trump Doctrine” in the upcoming period simply points out to “New World Disorder” based on US egocentrism.

The US which couldn’t “peacefully” introduce its “New World Order Project” through “volunteering” instead instituted the “Chaos Order” on 11th of September as “Plan B”. However, the US can no longer control this order of chaos.

This is because, anti-US forces have distorted this scenario, and this chaos plan has begun to threaten not only American interests, goals and leadership but also its perpetuity. The whole world is reckoning with the US.

At this point, the only way out for the United States is to initiate a process of a new World War, and the first step was taken a couple of days ago.

General Robert Neller, the commander of US marines deployed in Norway, recently said that the whole world would soon focus on the Pacific and Russia, warning his soldiers that the “great war” might erupt in the region and stated that: “I hope I am wrong, but war is coming.”

It is certain that the US will initiate this war under the pretext of “world peace”. In fact, Trump also promises to maintain this peace through his “America First” doctrine which includes many contradictions.

“Maintaining Peace Through Use of Force” Fiction

In this context, the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry is quite remarkable. The elucidation is as follows; “We are appalled of the New National Security Strategy announced by the US on December 18th. The key message of the strategy; “maintaining peace through the use of force” designates conflict rather than constructive cooperation on seeking common solutions to existing issues.

The statement also emphasises that the new strategy defies the task of building partnerships while manifesting the willingness to protect the US dominance, which is remarkably weak in the international arena, at all costs.

The Russians have apparently comprehended the postulation. After all, Putin is the owner of “vulgar power” doctrine, and Trump is his atrocious imitation. However, we are confronted with the fact of Putinisation of Trump, and this is undoubtedly an alarming development for the whole world. This is because one wins, the other loses!

In conclusion, what can the US do from now on? Who are the targets of “polite threats”? This is the subject that needs assertation since tsunami will occur in the aftermath of these perils.

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