The End of the UN’s World Order

In other words, you can call it the end of the US hegemony and the propagated around the world globalization era or “the return of the nation-States era.” Either way, it all comes down to the same thing. Sooner or later all epochs come to an end and in this case not it happens with the support of one of its founders and driving forces, the USA.

The late arrival of President Trump to the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly could symbolize it. At first glance, this may sound unconvincing. However, you can agree with me when you look at the recent relations between the United States and the United Nations, Trump’s approach to the organization and his rhetoric. At least, the United States has demonstrated its disrespect towards the UN and all member countries.

The United States does not need the UN. In other words, from the US point of view, the UN’s expiration date has passed. Did it happen suddenly? Of course, no. This is a time-consuming process, and it seems to come to an end. Most importantly, the US itself confirms this fact.

As is well known, the main contradictions between the United Nations and the United States were limited by the financial aspects; now political ones were added to them. Especially after the recognition of Jerusalem, the United Nations, from the point of view of the United States, has turned into an organization that creates a boomerang effect.

The UN has become not only an instrument where the US cannot lobby its political interests but also it turns out to be the structure in which the United States lost its political charisma in the face of the world community at the international level.

However, it is evident that in addition to these problems, there is a more substantial issue for the US. This factor is nothing more than a “blocking role” that prevents the resurgence of the global chaos. In this regard, the United Nations plays, if not perfect, but still, a restraining role against the aggression of the US and some other global and regional forces, using the “veto mechanism”.

It is now clear that the US can no longer maintain the world order formed after the Second World War because of the ever-arising conflicts of interests between the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, which can be called the “Global Gang Quintette”.

Within this framework, the support of the European Union (namely, Germany) represented by France to the Russian-Chinese union what is opposite to negative American reaction to this situation makes the United States, in fact, the lone actor in this quintet. The unreliability of the UK as a political actor from the point of view of the United States is also essential.

Besides, the idea of annulment of the UN World Order demonstrates the US efforts to implement a more dangerous project/plan. With the collapse of the UN world order, it can be assumed that the United States wants to deepen and expand world chaos.

In this context, the gradual dismantling of the United Nations, the destruction of its (non-existent) reputation, and its subsequent collapse looks like a part of the chaos emanated from the September 11 events.

As the United Nations have become inconsistent with the American goals due to its methods and instruments of influence during the post-Cold War period, the US had motives to include this organization in the list of “Cold War remnants” that must be abolished, together with NATO and the EU.

Summarizing, we can say that according to the United States the “shelf life” of the United Nations is over. The UN plays overtime. A new League of Nations is being formed and, as a consequence, a world war which may be the last one for humanity is inevitable. Moreover, the whole process is the result of Trump’s efforts in creating Armageddon. Hopefully, I could convey my message.

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