The Sandcastles of the US being Demolished One by One…

The title might sound a bit exaggerated, however before reaching to a verdict it is wise to take a look at repulses, excursions and contrived alliances of the US around the world.

For instance, the recent developments in Northern Iraq come to mind first. The US which sought to establish a “legionary state” through the “September 25 Referenda” faced resolute determination from Turkey, Iran and Iraq which indefinitely disturbed such scheme. Whereas the US had spent decades envisioning the division of the region, which paradoxically led to unification.

The second instance is the developments currently occurring the Arabian Gulf. There is a huge difference between the tip of the iceberg and what lays beneath. For the first time since 1944, the US is facing a serious challenge in “securing” its monopoly in the region. The US which kept on delivering stories to the region is now listening to “1001 nights” novels.

Many regional, particularly Saudi Arabia and Qatar are seeking a new balance-cooperation against the US by allowing Turkey to establish bases on their territory and purchasing S-400 missiles from Russia. The US which could not achieve what it desired through Saudi-Qatari crisis is now facing renewed losses in Lebanon too.

The ill-judged policies of the US have caused the return of “self-confidence” and “unity” to the region which has been lost for decades. Undoubtedly, the achievements of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) so far has contributed to this development.

Th “Afrin Fortress” is About to Plummet…

As of today, the US which heavily relied on Afrin is once again facing immense losses. Thousands of hired killers which it equipped with large amounts of armaments are beginning to abandon their positions. This includes the alleged special forces of the YPG/PKK terrorist organisation.

At the time of penning this article two newsbreaks occurred: “The Turkish Armed Forces and FSA units have reached Afrin on the 50th day of the Olive Branch Operation. The troops which have captured all commanding points from the north and east are awaiting commands to enter the city centre. Soldiers which made history in Cinderes and Bulbul have cleared PKK units from 23 villages and set a record. PKK/YPG’s line of defence has been gravitated.”, “FSA which is advancing towards Afrin has seized a base belonging to the alleged special forces of YPG/PKK after a brief exchange of fire.”

Whereas, Afrin was attributed with immense meaning. It was supposed to be the “Stalingrad of GMEP Kurdistan” where TAF and FSA was to be obliterated. However, the US’s “ground ally” is the one to receive major blows. This what the US is worrying about at the East of Munbic and Euphrates.

US calculations to achieve its prospect with the lower costs these terrorist organisations provided have backfired leading to elevated costs and losses. The US is close to say goodbye to its vision of Afrin, Northern Syria, a Turkish-Kurdish conflict and the GMEP in whole.

Return to the “6th Fleet” Card!

The US seems to have felt the need to convey that it is prepared to enter a direct conflict. For the moment, while “warning” Turkey with its 6th Fleet, is also conveying the message “resist, I am by your side” to its retreating allies.

Therefore, the current situation in the Mediterranean is not only based on energy crisis or the 3rd and 10th parcel but also has deep connections with US’s lost hegemony in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle-East. The current incapacity is forcing the US towards vulgar display of power.

The US is threatening Turkey along with Russia which has increased its presence in the region. Whereas the US is well aware what meanings the 6th fleet evokes in Turkish public opinion.

In 1974, the late deputy prime minister Prof. Necmettin Erbakan who gave the green light for the peace operation in Cyprus received an intel which indicated that “the US 6th Fleet has set sailing towards open seas from Italy” hours before the process began.

At this point Prof. Erbakan indicates that the 6th fleet is made of 15 ships of which USS Kennedy is the largest. Speaking to 173 Turkish pilots he indicates that each pilot will do kamikaze to a warship while two pilots will kamikaze on USS Kennedy and asks for 16 volunteers.

Instead of 16 all 173 volunteer, sending a resolute message to the US. After 15 minutes an intel update indicates that the 6th fleet has stopped advancing.

Therefore, the US should remember these veritable facts and act accordingly. As the sandcastles of the US are obliterated, the American Empire will vanish too.

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