The US conspiracy of “Withdrawal from Syria”

I have been writing here for a long time that the main goal of the United States (US) is to leave Syria and resettle to the close proximity of the Sino-Russian duo, especially China (Middle and South Asia), and it is important to note that both Russia and China are aware of this and are trying to keep the US in Middle East, based in Syria.

Yes, it will be useful once again to mention here that Syria is only a platform for calculations between the US, Russia, China and Iran. Therefore, no one in principle thinks of Syria, especially Russia. Iran, the biggest supporter of Assad, is not the exception. For this very reason, the Syrian civil war has reached today.

Besides testing each other’s abilities, the parties also experience their own strengths and new military strategies. In particular, these three states are trying to postpone the US intervention as much as possible by the resistance in Syria and to prevent such development in their own territories, by weakening it in here.

They want the US to be dragged into the fate of the USSR and bury it in Syrian marshes. Accelerating its end by occupying the Afghanistan the Soviet Union and the US, which led the proxy war against the Soviets, seem to be a great inspiration, motivation and experience for these parties. In this context, Syria has evolved into a second Afghanistan, which will accelerate the collapse of the US.

Of course, the US is also considering these events in the context of its own experience. China’s behaviour in the recent Syrian-chemical crisis, has certainly been taken into consideration, and probably reached the following conclusion: “It will lose the struggle against Russia and China if it contonues it far beyond the borders of these countries. So it has to bring the war with these two countries at least into their borders and it needs to do it as soon as possible.”

The US Pursuits a New Game in Syria …

Indeed, indecisiveness, failed attempts and unsuccessful image of the US’s Middle East-oriented policies over the past year seem to confirm this. The attitude during the crisis in Northern Iraq and the Syria based controversial policy towards Turkey are can not be exempted from it.

Here, especially the attitude towards the “Astana Trio” and the pressure on Turkey as the “weakest link”, have turned into a fiasco in the strict sense. Because, one of the main goals of the US-France-UK triple, as it became clear after the joint Syrian operation, was the “Astana block”, but the statement of French President Macron came to failure by statements of Turkish, Russian and Iranian leaders. It seems that the “Astana Trio” will need to act together against a possible project of an “Arab-Kurdish Union” of the US.

Thus, the US, which has made a deep accounting within itself, is trying to correct its mistakes as soon as possible, but does not know how and with whom it can be done. As the strategies which has been carried out till today has not given the desired result, but on the contrary, they have begun to show a reverse effect. In addition, there is a serious problem with the tools to use on the field. In particular, the parties were disappointed in some Kurdish elements-proxies that had to be used in the region. This disappointment certainly applies to the US.

The US, which has lost its credibility, reliability and deterrent force at the global, regional and even local level, seems to be striving for a new game in Syria, against the actors who caused its failures.

In this context, the statements of US Senator Lindsay Graham after the Syrian briefing presented by US Secretary of Defense James Mattis and the Chief of General Staff, General Joseph Dunford in the US Senate on April 16, contain important details.

The US senator uses the following expressions: “As far as I can see, the president will very soon leave Syria. … I am most worried that after our release, the Arabs and Kurds will remain vulnerable. … And this is a nightmare for Israel. … If you leave Syria, how can you guarantee the safety of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and especially the Kurds who joined us in the fight against the ISIS? … I think we want to give Syria to Assad, Iran and Russia, and we are looking for a way out of Syria.”

Yes, Senator Graham clearly recognizes that if the US withdraws from Syria, it will not be able to protect the SDF, which includes the PKK terrorist group. But also publicizes another maneuver: The US, by leaving Syria in a systematic manner, wants to start a struggle between Turkey-Russia-Iran-Syria around filling the power vacuum in this country. In other words, the US want to finish off the “Astana Troika” in this way. It is very noteworthy that it did not mention Turkey in post-American Syria!

The US thus wants to calmly return to Central and South Asia and “make Turkey need its role” in the struggle for power in Syria, and in this way to take Turkey into its ranks in the emerging new game.

The game/maneuver is so clear! If you want, you can also call it “game in the game.”

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