The US Has Been “Perplexed”!

The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and Free Syrian Army (FSA) has initiated the second phase in Operation Olive Branch by targeting terrorist present in the centre of Afrin. This has led to “distraction” for many states and mainly the US.

Not only the US but also entities that have asserted that “Neither Turkey cannot launch such an operation, nor the US would allow such incursion” has been perplexed too. Through discourse and actions, they are endeavouring to halt Turkey’s operation and its return to its root geography. Therefore, a deep-hidden plan and attempts of reconciliation are becoming evident.

For instance, the “controversial-non-functional ceasefire” initiated in Syria for a month and the release of “Salih Muslim” once again validate Western support for terrorism. Articulations by many “friendly”-enemy states including PYD-YPG/PKK terrorist organisations that “Turkey is planning on invading Syria and if necessary measures are not taken Syria will be partitioned.” are part of this ardour.

For a better understanding, it is paramount to take a look at proclamations made by Turkey’s “strategic partner/ally” the US by setting apart Russia and Iran’s “friendly demerits/worries” and “acts on sly”.

At this point, the remarks of Joseph Votel, commander of the US Central Forces (CENTCOM), Colonel Dillion, the spokesperson of the US-led Coalition against DAESH and Heather Nauert, the spokesperson of the US Department of State are quite remarkable. They more of a “caveat” rather than mutters.

“Do Not Encumber Me Monition” from the US

Commander Joseph Votel, the Commander of CENTCOM who claims that the Russian Federation and Iran are trying to unsettle the strategic partnership between Turkey argues that Operation Olive Branch is “obstructing” the fight against ISIS.

Votel who is concerned about “radical groups gathering” in Syria indicates that; “sooner or later the US needs to deal with this issue.”

The concurrence of the US on this issue can be found in the statements of another soldier. Colonel Dillon implies that he understands the legitimate security concerns of Turkey. However, he vindicates that the Operation in Afrin “is causing a distraction” and “is ominous for the coalition”.

Heather Nauert, the spokesperson of the US Department of State, connotes that the “ceasefire applies to all of Syria. Turkey should properly read the relevant resolution”. She implies that “a breach” is in place.

Through all three assertions Washington is signifying the following messages to Ankara:

  1. Stop progressing in Afrin;
  2. We are aware of the situation in Idlib, and intervention is possible. Hence, review your decision/activities at the location;
  3. We are uncomfortable with the cooperation established with Iran and Russia;
  4. If you continue your demeanour, we will do whatever is necessary.

“Syria Leaks” Plan

What is meant by “necessary” is well-known. However, there was no concrete information about the steps until the recent leak.

According to “Syria Leaks” disclosed by a group of French journalists, five countries (USA, UK, France, Saudi Arabia and Jordan) have met in Washington on 11th of January at a secret meeting.

At the gathering, the states discuss the possibility of an agreed “New Middle East” plan/strategy over Syria and the possibility of working with additional countries upon the matter. A bid is made to Germany, while Turkey is evaluated at a different category towards the end of the meeting.

In the end, the parties agree upon the new borders of the Middle East and anticipate a Turkish-Kurdish war.

Albeit the accuracy of this “leak” is controversial. However, the actions of states like the Czech Republic regarding Salih Muslim indicate that the West has unfinished business with PYD-YPG/PKK terrorist organisations. Nonetheless, Allah, the all mighty has a reckoning too!

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