The US is Seeking a New Scheme via “Two and a Half Threat”

The whole world is under an immense threat due to the recent crisis in Syria. It would be over simplifying to consider this crisis as a mere “intelligent missile response” to “chemical use” and could dupe many.

This is the situation we face as we head to a nuclear apocalypse! We still haven’t well perceived the scheme. However, this is another US classic which imbeciles the whole world.

Therefore weathering the missile attacks carried out by the US as; “enactment”, “scheme”, “collusion”, “symbolic”, “for the sake of appearances”, “show” or announcing that two-thirds of the missiles sent out by the old man (Trump) have been brought down by primitive air defence systems (S-125, S-200, Buk and Kvadratibi) as being “less smart then its master” has no meaning beyond deceiving.

The scheme is being re-established and the parties (the “Waxing East” and the “Weakening West”) plan to reveal their strength by reinforcing their ranks through “maximum deterrence-determination” demonstrations while giving a name to the new world order. For this, while the “old order” is put under threat by the rising East, it too is becoming a target.

Although Russia and China are part of the ancient Cold War era, they are in fact two powers which have lost their status with the dissolution of the USSR.

Furthermore, the have become a target of the US, which could not establish a unipolar world after the Cold War.

The US has Amended its Means-Tools!

This is the underlying factor for the US to once again refer to Cold War era instruments in its struggle with Russia and China. The US fails to establish collaborations (such as SCO and BRICS) which the “other” blocks have achieved. It has neither the time nor the money to do so. Instead it prefers destroying them. This is one of the essential reasons why the US developed the method of proxy wars: to cut costs and provide legitimate base.

The aim of the “Rising East” or the “Anti-Americanist/Western” bloc, which is to target the institutions, structures, understanding and law of the Cold War and thus the Anglo-Saxon domination seem to have driven the US to prefer this method. In this respect, the emphases made by the US following the attacks are paramount.

On the other hand, the US seems to have noticed the boomerang effect of this method. In a more concrete phrase, the US is aware that its version of world order is about to prevail. Therefore, at least within the context of the Middle-East the US has begun to shift its means-tools. With this crisis, the US has had the opportunity to execute its threats, which have been revived for a long time.

 Marketing the “Chinese Menace” Following the “Russian Threat” …

China’s assertion on the latest crisis is as remarkable as Russia’s. In this regard, China has chosen its side and put forward quite a reaction against the US, which is quite outstanding. China, in conjunction with this crisis, has put forth its military deterrence and naval power by showing presence in the Mediterranean. It has sent the message “I am here. You cannot move ahead without my consent”. It is a turning point for China, which until yesterday has sought cooperation within competition and pursued a soft power policy which now exhibit hard power strategies and openly challenges the US.

From this point of view, China seems to have been duped by the US, which wanted Beijing to fall for the scheme for a very long time. China insistently did not fall for this trap. The United States, which could not achieve what it desired from South China Sea crisis, seems to have made considerable gains in the Eastern Mediterranean. Therefore, the US will be utilising sally from China to large extent.

With this crisis, the US will market the Chinese threat, to the whole world, especially the West. The US which has increased its influence over European-Western institutions (such the EU and NATO) on the pretext of Russian threat, seems to have gained an opportunity to spread its influence over a wider geography through China’s asseverations.

Iran, which is considered as a “half-threat” in the Syrian crisis is brought to prominence by the US and is utilised in the Islamic geography centric Gulf crisis is also exploiting “Russia-China-Iran” as a threat towards Turkic-Islamic geography.

The receptivity of the US-NATO towards Turkey has caused a change in “means-tools”. Undoubtedly the same applies to the “Russian-Iranian-Chinese” trio. Ankara wants to turn this into an opportunity. This forms the basis of the “difficulty” it faces in the process.

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