Three Confessions and One Truth in Ankara-Washington Axis!

The first two confessions are from the United States… The source of the confession is not directly the White House, but you can consider it as a “criticism of incompetence” of a wing of “the deep state” of the US towards the other wing. In simple words, one side is criticizing the other for “incompetence and loss of control”. Let me note in advance that the third confession from Germany, which will be analyzed below in this article, can be considered as a statement of the support for one of those wings in this context.

Firstly, let’s start with the article published in American newspaper “Washington Post” (WP) which analyzes the Turkey’s Afrin operation.

The title of the article by Ishaan Tharoor “The defeat of the Syrian Kurds struck another blow to the US policy” sums up the issue at the very beginning. The matters/points highlighted in the analysis are as follows: 1) Turkey’s Olive Branch Operations “displayed the confused role of Washington in Syria.”; 2) “The United States did not have the necessary influence over Ankara to end the operation.”; 3) “While the President Donald Trump condemned the operation, senior officials told Ankara that the US would revise the support to the YPG.”; 4) “When the operation started, the Kurds in Afrin realized they were alone, just like other Kurds in the Middle East at different periods of history.”

The last point is quite remarkable. Because, on the one hand, it poits out that Kurds, who cooperated with them will pay high price for the failure of the USA in Syria; on the other hand, it emphasizes that the USA can develop a new alliance with them, especially when assessed together with the second confession…

That is, the US, as if, shows its desire to start a new page with Turkey, releasing these groups as “scapegoats” and even punishing them (especially taking into account the September 25, 2017 referendum, the “common mechanism” that came with Tillerson, and statements on the East from Munbich-Euphrates), on the other hand, brings another possible union to the agenda.

The Second Confession: The Alliance with Assad!

It is at this point that the internal conflict in the United States over Turkey is once again revealed as their search for a new “ally” after the “Kurds” in the policy towards Assad and Syria. That is, one wing in the States is for “the overthrowing of Assad”, and another wing is for “Realizing its plans via Assad, and at the same time punishing Turkey.”

There is another disguised calculation which is to strike at the “Astana Trio”, to undermine cooperation between them through Assad and to revive the “spirit of Geneva” in order to take the initiative on Syria again. This wing in the United States speaks of readiness even for an alliance with the devil against Turkey.

The following lines by Paul Sonne and Karen DeYoung from the Washington Post (WP), based on the statements by a high-ranking official, also draw attention as a second important recognition: “1) The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDG) must conclude an agreement with Assad; 2) The US does not want to increase its military presence in the region; 3) SDG and Assad share common goals. These goals are to expel the opposition, the ISIS and the Turkish troops from Syria.”

Both statements point to the following: 1) Kurds in the Middle East, who trusted the US/imperialists, were again deceived/betrayed; 2) Intersystem struggles in the United States are increasing; 3) Turkey is turning day by day into an increasingly determinant factor in the struggle within this system. Turkey’s achievements in Syria pushes the parties to disputes with various dimensions/objections over Turkey.

To be concrete, these disputes vary between two points: “to strike Turkey” and “to win the friendship of Turkey”; and indicate the preponderance of the first option. (Appointment of Pompeo instead of Tillerson and approval/warning of Ishaan Tharoor in his analysis in Washington post “There are fears that Turkey’s advance in Syria will bring a new wave of Islamic militants to the region” can be assessed in this context).

In this way, it is recognized that Turkey is out of control and has entered the inevitable period of recovery. The key phrase is this: Turkey can no longer be controlled. They want to start an operation, but they themselves fall into trap via local forces on the field, whom they trained and equipped for many years. This indicates one thing, that is their field security forces and intelligence structures are in serious decline. They lost the war of “armies of ghosts” in the region!

This explains why the civilian-Tillerson was fired, and why a person from military-intelligence was appointed instead. It seems that the US is surrounded by fears and worries. This leads us to the third confession.

The Third Confession: The West Is Helpless!

The third confession comes this time from “American Germany”, located on the other side of the Atlantic. Former head of the Federal Intelligence Service of Germany (BND), August Hanning, arguing that Turkey departs from the West and wants to play a more active role among Islamic countries, referring to the traditions of the Ottoman Empire, says: “We, of course, have critical view on Turkey’s interference in Syria, but are not in the position to conduct intervention aimed at influencing Turkey’s behavior. I think we, as NATO member states, should make efforts to preserve our relations with Turkey.”

Thus, he confesses the lack of influence on Turkey, unlike it was before. He explains as the reason for that the disagreement of the West within themselves and uses the phrase: “The reason for our incapability is related to that we, in the West, do not have a specific concept on Syria.”

And What Else Could He Say?

While the West is busy with the issue of leadership among themselves; the Turkic-Islamic world under the leadership of Turkey began to solve the 100-year-old problem and is marching with confident steps to the status of “a new power-center and a balancer of the imbalances” between East and West.

This is the undeniable truth!

May Allah bless and help us!

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