Veto is a Pretext, US and the “Others” Yearn for War

There is no need to for abysmal analysis to understand the state of things in the United Nations (UN) and the background of the Eastern Ghouta crisis. For this, it is more than enough to take a look at headlines in the US and Russian press regarding United Nations Security Council (UNSC) draft resolutions.

The first heading comes from the US agency Voice of America which serviced the veto of the Russians on a draft resolution that foresees the establishment of a new UN mechanism to investigate the use of chemical weapons in Syria as; “Veto by Russia on US Proposal for Investigating the Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria”.

Russia tried to respond with a counter draft resolution regarding the investigation of chemical weapons in Syria buy that too failed. Moscow-based Sputnik News Agency captioned this development as; “The US Controverted Russia’s Investigation”.

In fact, both countries offered a resolution to the UNSC to probe the use of chemical weapons in Douma, but since each of them had different calculations in Syria they ended up vetoing each other.

The US hankers to create a legitimate base for its controversial presence in Syria and restore its power and allies in Middle-East by citing the attacks carried out by Assad. On the other hand, Russia is endeavouring to consolidate its presence in the Middle East-Eastern Mediterranean region through Assad and defaecate its rival.

In short, the case is quite complex. There are numerous calculations and reckoning to be considered. Therefore, bloodshed is ought to continue. Herein the essentiality is not humanity, but rather the conflicting interests of great powers.

This event once again shows that the UN is nothing but a remnant of the Cold War and just the League of Nations, it is the address of growing conflicts rather than reconciliation. It is unlikely that the UN, which is based on the logic and realities of the Cold War to be revitalised via retrospection. The latest veto duel is a breaking point in the decaying UN order.

The Legitimatisation of Veto’s…

From now on, both parties will put forward their vetos with maximal legitimacy reasons. The United States will likely use the following pretext: “I hankered for a peaceful and diplomatic solution. However, Russia and its allies wanted a conflict. Therefore, I will fight too”.

Trump, the White House and the Pentagon should be set aside while the comments made by Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the UN should be read thoroughly. Only few days have passed since Haley declared that her country would response to the events in Douma, no matter what decision the UNSC takes. Furthermore, the US Navy announced on Wednesday in a written statement that the Harry Truman aircraft carrier and its accompanying offensive group have set sail in the Mediterranean. Therefore, the US seems determined to strike Syria, despite the decision of the UN, as was the case in Iraq. This because the US is in need of a conflict.

Why Does the US Desire a Contention?

Simply put: It is losing! And it is not only being forfeited in Syria but also its global hegemony, leadership in the West and especially its allies including Turkey are at stakes. With such an immense loss the US cannot safely protect its national integrity anymore.

The US wants conflict because it has become impossible for Washington to pursue its proxy-hybrid war in the region. Having lost DAESH and not gaining the projected yield from PYD-YPG/PKK terrorist organisation, the US is being outmanoeuvred each passing day.

The US wants conflict because Israel want the US to fight for its Great Israel envision. In conclusion, the US which owes its empire/superpower to two Great World Wars, need another global strife to sustain its hegemony.

The US is seeking to achieve all or some of its goals by pretending to go to war. Herein, one of the most critical objective is Turkey and the “New Middle-East Triad”; namely Turkey, Russia and Iran as well as the Turkic-Islamic world.

The US aware that if it regains Turkey, Russia and Iran will be in a difficult position. That is why it trying to persuade Turkey through numerous attacks and coercion.

Hence is it possible? Clearly, it is all water under the bridge at the moment. The US needs to recognise the new will in Turkey and define bilateral relations accordingly. This could begin with respecting Turkey’s preferences and its political pursuit. Otherwise, it could be too late.

Does China Fancy a Preventive War with the US in Syria?

As the crisis continues to escalate, China has ordered its vessels to join the Russian Nany in an event of a close encounter between the US and Russia in Syria. Therefore, the equation is getting even more complicated.

Is this a surprise development? Albeit not. China’s support is not limited to UNSC votes. Initial accounts regarding China’s inclusion in the Middle-East have been circulating since 2015. For instance; on 20th November 2015, the British Daily Express citing reports from the Middle-East and Russia asserted that Russia and China began to act jointly in Syria.

China intents to keep the US away from its close vicinity at all costs and engagements Washington in other geographies. At the present state of affairs, China is venturing a strife with the US beyond its borders.

Apart from that, China also yearns to secure its regional-global interest, especially the “One Belt, One Road” Project. Hence, the weakening of Russia and Iran as well as reconciliation between US and China plays against the interests of the China, at least in the short-to-medium term.

Therefore, the latest development is a new persuasion for China. Beijing is seeking to prove its global power status on the military scale. This is a situation which the US is not accustomed to. Hence, each passing day the crisis is deepening.

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