Fusion Can Be Humanity’s Infinite Energy Source

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Recently, there have been remarkable developments in nuclear energy at the global level. Among the critical developments in question, experiments on nuclear fusion by scientists at the United States National Ignition Facility (NIF) in California stand out. For the first time in seventy years, an energy output higher than the energy given by laser has been achieved during fusion studies. Until today, such a large amount of energy had not been received when fusion was introduced. This could be a groundbreaking development. The process has taken seventy years. This issue has been followed for years. Nuclear fusion will play an important role in addressing climate change, solving the energy problem and enabling longer journeys to extraterrestrial planets.

In fact, a commercial breakthrough in fusion was only expected in the 2070s. Recent experiments suggest that due to technological progress and explosion, it may be possible to see the first test reactors in the 2030s. The Russians and Americans have been working intensively on this issue for many years. The Russians are working on a machine called “Tokamak”. Americans are working on the “Z Machine”. In addition, the British and the Japanese are also engaged in studies for which they allocate serious budgets.

In the early 2010s, the American company Lockheed Martin, one of the world’s largest arms companies, announced to the world that it had developed a 100 MW nuclear fusion machine with visual material. It placed the machine in the back of a military truck, turned it on and off for only 10 minutes to show it to the world. It should not be forgotten that the US Department of Defense is also behind it.

Deuterium or tritium is used in nuclear fusion. Deuterium is a heavy type of hydrogen.  Tritium is also a substance produced from lithium, which can be found closest to the earth’s surface. Therefore, when one remembers the rumors of lithium in Afghanistan, one can understand why the US has left countries like Afghanistan, which have lithium mines, to reactionaries like the Taliban, or why Bechtel, the world’s largest construction company, has allocated the largest budget in the history of the company for the world’s largest lithium mine project in Utah.

It is clear that there is a serious acceleration in nuclear fusion. Once nuclear fusion energy production is achieved, there will be no need to talk about any other energy source in the world.

Just to share the laboratory potential; if nuclear fusion is successful, it will be possible to extract deuterium from seawater. The main source of this would be around 5.5 billion tons of ocean water. The oceans could be harnessed to generate free electricity for all mankind. At the same time, when lithium reserves come into play, it will be possible to generate electricity from lithium using the tritium form. However, mainly ocean waters will be utilized.

What is the electricity generation potential of fusion? If we keep today’s population constant, the world will not need to generate electricity from another source for about 1.5-2 million years.. This means that humanity will not be without electricity for 1.5-2 million years. At the same time, it will be more beneficial than other forms of nuclear energy because it will not emit any greenhouse gases and will not produce any radiated solid waste or other harmful waste.

It is important to follow these developments closely and be a part of it.. Fusion is the energy source of the future in every sense.  For this reason, all the countries of the world should not be excluded as the common owners of the oceans.

Fusion has now entered a very serious stage. There should be a transition period with natural gas, using natural gas as a transition fuel, polluting the world as little as possible with the support of renewable energy, and then waiting for natural gas to lead people to nuclear fusion. In fact, we are at a stage that could change the fate of humanity. With just a small portfolio bag of nuclear fuel, submarines and ships will be able to sail for 8-10 months without refueling. The range of airplanes and spacecraft will also increase. Again, many more places, species and fossil fuel reserves can be discovered under the oceans, perhaps even in the Mariana Trench..

Both beneath the oceans and above the skies – the solar system and even the idea of traveling to other galaxies – will be greatly affected by the perspective that nuclear fusion will open up. Undoubtedly, for galactic travel, the human structure needs to change and the human lifespan needs to be increased to 150 years, but the important thing is that the vehicles will be able to travel far and take advantage of small nuclear fusion reactors that can trigger themselves and reduce the need for fuel.

This is a very important stage. Therefore, in order not to be left out, countries should prioritize becoming a member of the relevant global agencies and switching to nuclear energy immediately and as soon as possible. Thus, by having nuclear energy, it may be possible to feel more secure in terms of collaborating in nuclear work.

Although the 21st century has been marked by wars, when humanity opens a new path for itself with fusion energy, the scenario of wars over oil, natural gas and fossil fuels may not be experienced in the 22nd century. In short, the fate of humanity could change with fusion energy. Of course, if fusion energy is used to produce energy for peaceful purposes, to explore space, to explore the oceans, the positive outcome can be realized. But is fusion energy a type of energy that can be shared with everyone?

This will be decided by those who invest in this business. Most probably, they will say, “Let’s not keep such a large amount of oil and natural gas, in other words fossil fuels, let’s sell them to third world countries with their existing technologies and let’s move to another dimension”. Again, they will sell to the rest of the world the technologies of the 20th and early 21st century with a small amount of renewable energy technologies and keep the underdeveloped countries away from the blessings of fusion for at least a century and keep them busy with the IOS version of the old order.

Those who develop fusion can create a whole new metaverse or digital industrialization process and define a higher level of development such as “Industry 5-6”. A much more threatening helium bomb could also be made for the rest of the world. Because one of the main products is helium, and it may not be possible to predict how much a fusion bomb could devastate the world.

Some scientists also say that atomic bombs or helium bombs made by fusion could be used to build a weapon that could prevent, for example, the scenarios depicted in movies, such as meteorites hitting the Earth or planets crashing into the Earth. Some futurologists even suggest that Tesla’s large laser cannon project, which has never been shared with anyone, could be turned into a fusion project and a very powerful killing machine could be built with it.

When peace is achieved in energy with this level of science; that is, when abundant, accessible and free electricity is provided for all humanity, when there are no endless wars for energy resources, it should be expected that the system of exploitation will end. However, there are those who argue that “fusion energy should not be shared too quickly in order for the current exploitation to somehow continue and for someone to get the upper hand”. If a country that wants peace in the world finds fusion energy and shares this technology with the whole world, the whole paradigm of humanity will change forever in a positive way. If the intentions are bad, the world could come to an end!

Many questions arise: Can fusion be used for peaceful purposes? If the US or Russia finds it, can they share it immediately and unconditionally with the rest of the world? Which countries without fusion technology can benefit and how? Will the remaining countries be exploited as part of a slavish order, or will the level of development of humanity as a whole be increased and lasting peace be achieved?

Could fusion become a destructive tool in the hands of these great powers? While missiles with nuclear warheads are still a threat, the hellish projects that fusion could bring must be taken into account. Although there is a philosophy that can be summarized as “the more powerful weapons you have, the more peace you can guarantee”, it is possible for the world to be destroyed by a weapon that can fall into any dangerous hand.  But if fusion brings a period of peace, geopolitical risks may disappear. People can concentrate on production and stop being pawns in war projects for energy. Because the production of electricity, the transition to modern life, an electricity system where electricity is shared with almost all of humanity at zero cost, with water taken from the ocean, will relieve all economies.

As countries cut spending on war and concentrate on education and science, humanity will eventually free itself from primitive emotions and devote more resources to exploring the unexplored parts of the world, our own galaxy and other galaxies. Fusion will lead us to the universe!

Dr. Cenk PALA
Dr. Cenk Pala, Avrasya doğalgaz boru hattı işinde engin endüstri deneyimi ile hem Türkiye enerji güvenliği hem de Güney Enerji Koridoru tartışmalarında her bakımdan önde gelen bir isimdir. Kariyerine 1990-1997 yılları arasında Gazi Üniversitesi'nde Ekonomi Tarihi ve petrol & enerji ekonomisi alanlarında akademisyen olarak başlayan Pala, 1997 yılında Türkiye'nin BOTAŞ Petrol A.Ş. bünyesine katılmış, 2001 yılı itibari ile şirkette Strateji ve İş Geliştirme Başkanı olarak atanmıştır. BTC Ham Petrol P/L Projesi, Türkiye-Yunanistan (ITG) Doğal Gaz Boru Hattı Projesi, Türkiye-Yunanistan- dahil olmak üzere çeşitli boru hattı projelerinin ön fizibilite, fizibilite, pazarlama, finans, hukuk çalışmaları ve lobi faaliyetlerini yürütmüştür. Dr. Cenk Pala, ayrıca Brüksel'deki Enerji Şartı'nın "Endüstri Danışma Paneli"nde BOTAŞ'ı temsil etmiştir. Dr. Pala, Mart 2008 ile Haziran 2013 arasında Alman gaz şirketi E.ON Ruhrgas AG'de Genel Müdür ve şirketin Ankara merkezli Türkiye iştirakinde Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi olarak çaloşmıştır. 2011 yılı itibarıyla hissedarlar tarafından Trans-Adriyatik Boru Hattı (TAP) Türkiye Temsilcisi olarak atanmış ve Haziran 2016'ya kadar görev yapmıştır. Pala, Gazprom iştiraki South Stream Transport BV'ye TürkAkım Projesi Devlet İşleri Koordinatörü olarak Ocak 2017'de katıldı ve Eylül 2018'e kadar Gazprom'da kaldı. 1 Ekim 2018 itibariyle Dr. Pala, EQUINOR Turkey BV'ye Ülke Müdür Yardımcısı olarak katıldı. Ana sorumluluğu, EQUINOR'un Trakya yukarı havza faaliyeti ve Türkiye'deki olası yenilenebilir enerji yatırımları kapsamında paydaş yönetimi ve dış ilişkilerin koordinasyonudur. Halihazırda ERSAN Petrol Rafinerisi'nin (TR'de sadece karada özel rafineri yatırımı) potansiyel ortaklar, yatırımcılar ve finans kuruluşları ile yaptığı görüşmeleri koordine etmektedir. Enerji sektörü üzerine uluslararası konferanslarda üretken bir konuşmacıdır ve aynı zamanda akademisyen enerji ekonomisi, petrol tarihi, petrol krizleri ve yedi kız kardeş, bölgesel ve küresel boru hattı siyaseti, küresel petrol ve gaz sektörü üzerine çok sayıda eser yayınlamıştır. Dr. Pala, Gazi Üniversitesi Ekonomi Bölümü'nden lisans ve yüksek lisans derecesine ve Hacettepe Üniversitesi’nden doktora derecesine sahiptir. Evli ve iki çocuk sahibi Pala, İngilizce bilmektedir.