Authors Portal

ANKASAM provides young academicians-research the opportunity to publish their original works on its website. Articles on but not limited to international relations, history, economics, law, psychology, sociology and theology are accepted. Articles written in accordance to the writing rules mentioned below can be mailed to [email protected].

Writing Guidelines

  • Times New Roman, 12pt ve single line space
  • Heading should centred, 12pt, bold and each word capitalised
  • The author’s name, surname and if applicable the respected designation should be placed under the title and right aligned
  • References should be placed as endnotes
  • Endnotes should be numerical
  • Subheadings should be left aligned, the first letter capitalised and bold
  • Paragraphs should not be intended
  • Their should be no spaces between paragraphs
  • Page numbers should be placed in the footer, aligned right and displayed as current page/total page (x/y)