About Us

Ankara Center for Crisis and Policy Studies (ANKASAM) is an Ankara-based think tank founded in 2017 under the legal entity of International Amity Cooperation and Strategy Research Association (UDISAD). Among its founders are Türkiye’s leading academics, experts, media professionals and intellectuals.

In this context, ANKASAM is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that seeks to achieve a strong position in its region and internationally via its countless experts and academicians who exhibit strategic foresight, broad vision, and comprehensive analysis in social sciences.

Analysing the economic, political and social crises in the international system and developing policies that include solutions to them are among the top priorities of ANKASAM.

Based on this consciousness, ANKASAM assumes an important responsibility to identify, analyse and offer necessary solutions to the risks and threats created by the power-competition centric economic, political and social crises in the international system.

ANKASAM’s main field of activity is the Asian region within the scope of international relations.

Having completed its restructuring process in 2020, ANKASAM has 4 Regional Institutes namely:

  • AF-PAK Institute
  • Asia-Pacific Institute
  • Central Asia Institute
  • Eurasia Institute

ANKASAM is open to national, regional and international joint studies and collaborations, preferentially in the sphere of activity of its institutes.

With comprehensive analyses, articles, reports, and other works based on scientific procedures and objectivity, ANKASAM also carries out seminars, brainstorms, panels, conferences and engages in active cooperation with the media to help Türkiye achieve a more active position regionally and globally.

Within ANKASAM, two internationally indexed multilingual journals (Journal of Regional Studies and Journal of International Crisis and Policy Research) are published primarily in Turkish, English, and Russian every 6 months since 2017.

Analysing the current events and offering powerful projections for the future, www.ankasam.org continues its operation in three languages (English, Turkish and Russian), with the intend to create a heart and mind bridge by bringing the perspectives of experts from aforementioned geographies to Türkiye and Türkiye to them.

Furthermore, the website www.theasiatoday.org, which aims to convey the current developments in the Asian continent with the slogan “The Invisible Face of Asia”, has started its activities in English and Russian as of July 2021.


The articles on our website are the personal opinions of the author and may not reflect the institutional view of Ankara Center for Crisis and Policy Studies (ANKASAM).


  • To follow closely the developments in the international order which is determined by constantly changing and evolving dynamics.
  • To foresee the current global threats and risks in a timely manner so to foster and suggest solution strategies to prevent them.
  • To provide accurate, clear and practical information in meticulously carried out studies.
  • To conduct studies aimed at improving and advancing Türkiye’s relations principally with Asian states and those favour global peace, stability, and prosperity.
  • To be a coordination centre based on scientific approach and objectivity in the advancement of a common strategic mind aimed towards regional and international peace and stability.
  • In this regard, to conduct all kinds of communication and academic activities to progress and strengthen political, economic-commercial, and cultural-based relations between our nation and populaces of other states, non-governmental organizations, universities, media and think tanks in the international arena.
  • In addition to regional studies, to make a significant contribution in shaping Türkiye’s regional and global policies with a multidimensional, interdisciplinary perspective, through practical studies such as culture, ethnicity, religion, economy, society, security, politics-democracy, law, and human rights.