The Future of US-China Relations

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Chinese Ambassador to Washington Xie Feng stated that more ” tangible and small steps” are needed to improve relations with the United States of America (USA) and called for co-operation, particularly on issues such as expedited visa processing.[1] In spite of these well-intentioned initiatives, it is still unclear whether Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet with US President Joe Biden before the Asia-Pacific Leaders Summit (APEC).

Addressing different diplomatic, academic and government circles, Xie Feng said,“Many things have changed in China-US relations, but we are dependent on each other. We have no intention to compete or challenge others.”[2]

The APEC Summit is seen as an important step to reverse the negative trend in China-US relations. Joe Biden has sent senior officials to Beijing in recent months and bilateral working groups have been established. Xie Feng has expressed his satisfaction with these positive improvements, but didn’t make a clear announcement about the meetings at the leader level. [3]

Xie Feng called on China to improve its relations with the US through concrete steps. These steps included speeding up visa procedures and increasing the number of direct flights. China’s top diplomat also emphasised that everyone is interdependent in the global economy and that his country does not intend to compete. This statement is important for understanding China’s role in the international arena.

Xie Feng also touched upon sensitive issues such as Hong Kong’s not being invited to the APEC Summit and the US stance on this issue. This situation points to potential conflict points in bilateral relations. Xie Feng also clarified China’s economic situation and stated that the country’s economy is generally on an upward trend. [4]

Making the first remarks on President Xi Jinping’s participation in APEC, Wang Yi stated that Beijing is “in dialogue with all parties related to the forum”. Minister Wang Yi stated that Beijing is ready to play a constructive role on an international scale to meet the expectations of the parties. He added that Beijing expects Washington to fulfil the responsibility of a host.

Xie Feng proposed a timetable for doubling the number of direct flights between the two countries. He pointed out that Beijing has recently shortened US visa applications by up to four days and said that they expect reciprocity in this regard. Xie Feng also asked the other side to renew the US-China Science and Technology Agreement. [5]

After Xie Feng’s speech, Craig Allen, the chairman of the US-China Business Council, introduced the issue into the discussion and emphasised the imperative for the two countries to cooperate. These statements reflect the complexity of diplomatic relations and an attempt by both countries to understand their roles in the international arena.

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