Poland invests €2.2 billion in reinforcing its border with Russia and Belarus


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Poland is investing around $2.5 billion to increase security and deterrence along its border with Russia and Belarus, Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced on Saturday.

Tusk revealed that the Shield-East project, which includes building military fortifications, has already begun. Emphasising Poland’s strategic position on NATO’s and the European Union’s eastern flank, Tusk highlighted the country’s responsibility for Europe’s security.

“We have taken the decision to invest into our safety and first of all, into a safe eastern border, some 10 billion zlotys ( €2.2 billion),” Tusk said.

He explained that the project entails constructing a fortified and environmentally modified border to ensure it is impenetrable by potential enemies. “We have begun these works, to make Poland’s border a safe one in times of peace, and impenetrable for an enemy in times of war,” he added.