“The New Uzbekistan” and “The Shanghai Spirit”

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In the speech delivered by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Mr. Shavkhat Mirziyoyev, a crucial message has been given during the Shangai Cooperation Organization Council of Heads of State meeting, concerning what does SCO necessarily mean on the basis upon the mission and the cohesion it encompasses and how the “Shanghai Spirit” is once again being reminded in such process rife with regional and global instability.

Neither does the SCO seek to aim at a state/organization nor does it take place in any type of struggle for power, underlined Mr. Shavkhat Mirziyoyev. Within the given context, the President emphasized that SCO, specifically Uzbekistan, achieves to coordinate collectively against the common risks and possible threats and is certainly an organization where the regional economic cooperation, amity and good neighbourliness are being promoted.

The description above, thus, remain significant in a sense since it demonstrated the impartiality and non-alignment of the SCO and managed solidly to illustrate a perspective as such towards the organization. Mr. Mirzioyeyev, who evaluates SCO under the description of “the region of cooperation” in a matter with its impartial status as well, indicated that this could boost prestige and could even increase capacity.

Given what has been said, Mr. Shavkhat Mirziyoyev has stated that SCO will indeed continue to get stronger in the international area prior to cultural, economy-trade and digitalization spheres by pointing out the ten matters he has revealed on the issues of the construction of joint cooperation and peace on humanitarian-based which is set up on trust.

Mr. Mirziyoyev highlighted the importance of the essential factors such as “multilateral cooperation” and “open and effective dialogue” that lies under the achievement of the SCO by urging a meeting located in Tashkent with the aim of resolving the “Afghan Crisis”. Obviously, it does not come across as an unexpected surprise that Mr. Mirziyoev has showed such an attitude since “The SCO-Afghanistan Format” is more than appropriate to the “New Uzbekistan Spirit” which is associated it with Mr. Mirziyoyev.

Mr. Mizyoyev has had proven the fact that the call for proposition towards the extensiveness of SCO remains not only as discourse but a truth by also inviting the observer and dialogue partners of the SCO to the “SCO-Afghanistan Format”. Indeed, with this premise being said, the “Shanghai Spirit” is evolving into a district that reaches out from China to the borders of the Balkans and North Africa. At the end of the day, it is the visionary stance and the welcoming universal and peaceful mission that renders “The New Uzbekistan” and “The New World Order” unique-strong in their process of building.