AUKUS countries announce the use of artificial intelligence to process huge data sets


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The countries of the AUKUS alliance (the military partnership of Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States) announced that artificial intelligence (AI) technologies will be used to process large data sets.

This development was included in a joint statement by the defence ministers of Australia, the UK and the US after talks in California, APA reported, citing TASS.

“The AUKUS partners intend to jointly apply advanced technologies and use artificial intelligence algorithms in military systems, as well as processing data from hydroacoustic buoys of each country of the alliance,” the document said. “This will enable timely analysis of large amounts of data and increase the overall anti-submarine warfare capabilities of the alliance countries,” the statement said.

The ministers also signalled their intention to strengthen and expand joint efforts in the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to “create effective force protection” and enhance intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. “Countries aim to integrate AI algorithms into their national defence programmes by 2024 to enable rapid joint deployment of these technologies on land and at sea,” the statement said.

Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States formed the AUKUS military alliance in 2021. This partnership includes building nuclear submarines for Canberra and other joint military developments. The White House recognised that this bloc could eventually be expanded with US partners in Europe and Asia