Covert War or Brand-New Interdependence in the Anglo-Saxon World

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Theresa May met with Donald Trump in White House on January 27, 2017, and was the first foreign leader to visit the new US president. Trump pledged “lasting support” for the UK and expressed his gratitude for the Brexit decision because it would pave the road to a new US-UK trade deal. In turn, May invited Trump on behalf of the Queen for a state visit to the UK. However, the US President’s planned state visit has been mired in controversy in the course of time.

British officials were outraged when US security services leaked photos of debris from the Manchester attack and published in the New York Times.[1] Subsequently, the UK stopped sharing information with US agencies. Then, the rift between two countries deepened in the aftermath of the notably London Bridge terror attack when Mr Trump criticised the Mayor of London in a tweet. While World leaders, from Angela Merkel to Bill Turnbull, offered condolence by posting their messages in social media, US President mocked the Muslim mayor of London instead of offering sincere condolences and support. In those days, Theresa May has also expressed her disappointment about Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement. This was another indicator of retrogressive relations between the two historic allies. May insistently tries to think of ways to ensure the US to rejoin the Paris accord.

Recently, London mayor Sadiq Khan has said that the British government should not “roll out the red carpet” for US President Donald Trump and he should not make a full state visit to the UK. Following these remarks, Donald Trump’s planned state visit to Britain was reportedly postponed on the grounds that it would attract mass public protests and eventually undermine Theresa May’s attempts to build a closer bond with the US president. Allegedly, Trump has told the Prime Minister Theresa May that he does not want to go ahead with the trip until the British public supports his coming. On the other hand, US and UK officials will seek ground for a big trade deal upon completion of Brexit talks by meeting in Washington between July 24 and 25.

Does this mean that the Anglo-Saxon World come together and coalesce once again even though there is a covert war between them? American Colonial Wars still lingers strongly in peoples’ memories. As the US speculates to wreck Europe’s affairs and ruin its security dimension by splitting the world into a new-tiny sphere of influence, the UK seems to counter US imperial ambitions and oppose US dominance especially in the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf region. The UK deeply covets for the British Empire on which the sun never sets. The UK has the desire to regain its hegemony after long-wasted years. Trump at the meeting in January stated that; “A free and independent Britain is a blessing to the world and our relationship has never been stronger.” However, self-reliant Britain constitutes to be a threat for US perilous hegemony war at the same time.

Implications and future expectations of the Anglo-Saxon world;

  • The two allies are walking a tightrope and about to bet on the wrong horse. It is high time they make a choice. It is either that they pursue a covert war for World hegemony or strengthen their solidarity in the light of mutual trust.
  • After Brexit, the UK can become much more prone to dominate the world realms either in an economic or political sense and embark upon systemic world war (crisis) occurring in the Anglo-Saxon world in itself and also between East and West.
  • Trump’s “America First” policy could lead to deepening clash of interests among the Anglo-Saxon Although Theresa May tries to forge closer ties with the US, British people have expressed their discontent about her intimacy and rapprochement with Trump. Political collapse and social unrest would encircle not only Europe but also the Anglo-Saxon world as well.
  • If the hegemonic world powers cannot ensure the new balance of authority, the systemic fracture would take the form of intra-axis nature, and generate a distinct sphere of influence sooner or later. Therefore, the US and UK should stand by each other or agree to be buried alongside one another.

The historical alliance is at the thresh of revision. It seems that the two countries are determined to collaborate and ravage the Middle East, especially the Gulf region all over again. This time, the mutual trust could bring about a full fatal blow for the Anglo-Saxon world. The UK delusions a former British Commonwealth of Nations in a wider geographical area. Short-run collaboration with the US is an excellent and sneaky manoeuvre to achieve this goal.

[1] “‘Furious’ UK reportedly stops sharing intelligence with US following Manchester attack leak”, CNBC,, 20.07.2017.

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