Deep Leak in NATO, “The Fifth Field of War” and 10th Command!

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A few weeks ago, on April 22, the Moscow-based international news agency Sputnik published a report on Russia’s North and Black Sea fleets, based on a source of military and political circles in Brussels.

The person in the news has drawn attention to the concerns of NATO including the US, about the growing potential of the Northern and Black Sea fleets of the Russian Navy, by using the statement: “The first gives access to the northern part of the Atlantic region of Russia, and the latter to the Mediterranean.”

Close to the military and political circles in Brussels, this source had previously highlighted the fact that Russian submarines increased their naval and ocean routes to participate in patrols and various exercises (approximately 500 exercises), while submarine crews have been at sea for more than twice comparing the previous two years.

It was also mentioned in the same report as a detailed information that the Russian defense industry was still working to create a multi-targeted ocean system including nuclear submersible vehicles that can secretly move at tremendous speeds to their targets in intercontinental distances at a depth of more than a kilometer.

And now hold tight. A few weeks after this story was published, a report issued by The Voice of America during the hours of writing this article announced to the entire world that it was decided to re-establish the 2nd Fleet by the US administration, which was dissolved seven years ago due to the economic grounds.

US Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson’s statement given to the reporters on the board of the plane George H. W. Bush will be quite familiar to you. Because Admiral Richardson said that the decision was taken as a result of competition between major powers in the Atlantic Ocean, especially in the North Atlantic, and in this context the increase observed in the activities of the Russian navy in the North Atlantic and polar regions. So the developments are in the news on Sputnik a few weeks ago…

No matter what kind of source in Brussel the Russian news agency Sputnik has, but the deep concerns of NATO and the US can be heard accurately in advance and they can easily be published as well. Don’t you think it’s interesting?

With this news over Sputnik Russia has clearly shown to the world what kind of potential it has on/against NATO/US intelligence. This resource may be a “person” or a “virus”. As a result, it is clear that there is a serious “leak” in NATO/US security… And the U.S. is probably aware of that, and therefore it concentrates on the cyber security area; especially in the front of Russia-China-North Korea. Well, how do we know that?

The US response: 10th Command!

The debate about President Trump’s relation with Russia and Russia’s intervention in the US elections are in fact far more than just a reason for the competition between the Washington and the Pentagon, but with the dimension of national security it emerges as a serious source of concern in the American security bureaucracy

Besides Russia the attacks of the North Korean and Chinese hackers as well as the hackers of the terrorist organisations on U.S. databases, of course, has an important place here. Indeed, the Pentagon described this as a new “battlefield” in the 2018 National Defense Strategy Document, and the cyber environment took its place in the literature as the “the 5th Field of War.”

We see that the US administration has taken the actual step on 5th of May in the framework of the measures in the 2018 National Defense Strategy Document on cyber security. Accordingly, the Cyber Security Command (CYBERCOM), a subordinate to the US Strategic Forces Command, has since been upgraded to an independent command known as the “combatant command” in the US Army.

While General Paul M. Nakasone is headed to CYBERCOM, which will directly be affiliated with the Ministry of Defense, it was stated that the number of personnel of the command will be increased from 800 to 6200.

The upgrading of CYBERCOM from the subcommittee of the Strategic Forces Command to an independent command as the other nine “combatant commands” of the American Army (regional commands like CENTCOM, EUCOM, PACOM, SOUTHCOM, NORTHCOM and AFRICOM, task-based commands such as STRATCOM, SOCOM, TRANSCOM), indicates that the US will pursue a more effective defense policy towards the cyber threats, at the same time there will be a significant increase in global cyber operations.

We have to be ready for this war!

Prof. Mehmet Seyfettin EROL
President of ANKASAM