Turkmenistan’s Role in Constructing Global Peace and Security

On March 24, 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan organized a video conference titled “The Importance of Peace and Security in the Modern World” and owing to this event, the Ashgabat administration clearly demonstrated its constructive role in building global peace. The meeting organized due to the 30th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s independence and the 25th anniversary of its “Permanent Neutrality Status”, had closely monitored by the international media. Indeed, 80 journalists from 18 countries attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the successful politics of Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, the President of Turkmenistan, in domestic and foreign policy was discussed, and the work carried out by the Berdimuhamedow administration in the United Nations (UN), especially in the context of global peace, was praised by the international press. It is also noteworthy that the year 2021 was declared as “International Year of Peace and Trust” by Turkmenistan’s proposal and consensus of the members of the UN General Assembly. Thus, Turkmenistan has shown that it is making an ascendant effort to build peace both at regional and global level.

In addition, the issue of preventing disinformation that could harm the international security environment was emphasized at the meeting. These efforts of the Berdimuhamedow administration constitute an important accumulation on solving the problems between states through dialogue. Together with all these moves, Turkmenistan positions itself as a “country of peace” where regional and global problems reach a solution. This indicates that Turkmenistan attaches importance to mediation diplomacy and will continue to do so. By all means, the efforts of Turkmenistan under the leadership of Berdimuhamedov were praised by members of the media who attended the conference in question.

Within this scope, Russia Today director Alexey Nikolov drew attention to the fact that Turkmenistan’s efforts serve to the global society and present thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan for its contribution to the international peace and trust environment. Therewithal, Russian State Television officials stated that Turkmenistan’s neutral status was influential in the acceptance of Ashgabat administration as a reliable actor in the international arena by all states.

Similarly, Javad Mottaghi, Secretary General of the Asia-Pacific Publishers Association, stressed that the efforts of Turkmen decision makers are valuable in preventing conflicts. In addition, it was observed that the representatives of countries such as India, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia expressed their gratitude for Turkmenistan’s efforts to build global peace.

Turkey also stay abreast of the meeting attentively. Bora Bayraktar on behalf of TRT World attended the meeting, in which Ankara Center for Crisis and Political Research (ANKASAM) also participated. In his statement, Bayraktar expressed that the peaceful diplomacy of Turkmenistan contributes to consolidate prestige of the country and added that this political stance accelerates economic development. Bayraktar’s statement projects Turkey’s will of developing economic relations with Turkmenistan and reveals the contentment arise from Ashgabat administration’s contribution to regional and global peace. Because Turkish decision makers are aware of Turkmenistan’s efforts are significant in order to sustain survival of stability and prosperity in Central Asia.

Undoubtedly, Turkmenistan has taken critical steps in terms of establishing good relations with neighbors and opening up to the world and through this, on the one hand refrains from being involved in active conflicts with its neutral status; on the other hand, it becomes a powerful mediator in the context of resolving conflicts. This situation not only increases the prestige of Turkmenistan in the eyes of the international community, but also makes it easier to attract foreign investments thanks to the perception on it as a reliable country.

As a result, Turkmenistan focuses on social development and demonstrates a steady development with its neutrality status, does not interfere to the internal affairs of other states and performs a peaceful foreign policy. This situation causes Turkmenistan to be highlighted more with energy projects in foreign policy and the Ashgabat administration comes to the fore with opportunities regarding economic cooperation. Its peaceful image in the international community turns Turkmenistan gradually into a more active and respected actor. The event titled “The Importance of Peace and Security in the Modern World” held on March 24, 2021 has once again substantiated.


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