President of ANKASAM Prof. Dr. Mehmet Seyfettin Erol evaluated the China-Central Asia Summit to CRI Turk FM


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President of Ankara Center for Crisis and Political Studies (ANKASAM) Prof. Dr. Mehmet Seyfettin Erol’s evaluations on the China-Central Asia Summit were published on CRI Turk FM’s website. Underlining the alliance of civilizations against the clash of civilizations, Erol said, “It is a turning point for emerging Asia and the new world order. In the cooperation of Central Asian countries with China, the will to “win-win” based on mutual respect and trust is very important. The organization of the summit in Xi’an, where the historical Silk Road started, is of great importance for the construction of the common future as it points to the historical foundations of cooperation as a reference. In a sense, this new process highlights the unity of civilizations that emphasizes the commonality and stability of different nations and states against the thesis that sets the ground for the clash of civilizations in the world. In other words, at a time when crises ranging from Ukraine to Myanmar and even Afghanistan are coming to the fore, China and Central Asia are saying ‘We will not allow this’. We see multipolarity and multidimensionality instead of world building through chaos or a global understanding that aims for unipolarity.”