The Kashmir region, which emerged as a new conundrum in international politics with the withdrawal of Britain from the Indian subcontinent in 1947, became a volatile and problematic area that could not be resolved by the international system established after the Second World War.

In this context since the 1950s, no initiative has been taken to establish a permanent solution by both the parties to the issue as well as regional and international organizations. Hence till date Kashmir remains to be a frozen conflict sitting at the heart of the region. Recently, this matter has become one of the key issues in the changing and transforming the international economic and political system. Thus, its resolution is crucial for both the states parties and the region. Else, significant opportunities shall be squandered in the emerging geopolitics of Asia which could lead to an adverse environment in terms of security and prosperity of the region.

As Ankara Center for Crisis and Policy Studies (ANKASAM), we believe that it is a universal responsibility to eliminate the elements of instability and security problems in the region, with the foresight that Asia, which is also known as the Old World, will once again become the subject of international politics in the medium term. Based on this thought and the international conjuncture, we are organizing an international conference with the belief that the spirit of time will force the parties to solve the Kashmir Question and the resolution of the problem will contribute to the security and welfare of the region.

This international conference, organized under the coordination and responsibility of ANKASAM, aims to bring together academics, experts, journalists, retired diplomats particularly from states party to the Kashmir Dispute.

The Main Topics That Will Be Contemplated During the Conference Are As Follows:
  • The Historical Process of The Kashmir Region
  • The Kashmir Conundrum: When, Why and How Did It Start?
  • British Influence in the Indian Subcontinent and Kashmir: From Past to Present
  • Claims, Actions and Approaches of the Actors in the Kashmir Issue
  • Effects of the Kashmir Issue on Regional Security
  • Emerging Asia and Crises: The Future of the Kashmir Issue in an Environment of Threat and Opportunity
  • Pursuits for the Solution of the Problem and a New Roadmap
Application Requirements
  • The official language of the conference is English.
  • Participation is free of charge.
  • The submitted paper must not be previously presented or published.
  • It is obligatory to indicate the title of the paper in the application.
  • For participants who wish to include their papers in the “Book of Abstracts” and (or) the “Book of Proceedings”, the abstracts should be 300-500 words while the full text should be a maximum of 6000 words.
  • The Texts should be prepared according to ANKASAM Writing Guidelines and sent as a Microsoft Word document (.doc,.docx.). (For detailed information about the writing guidelines visit;
  • Abstracts and full texts should be emailed to [email protected] with the subject being “KASHMIR CONFERENCE ABSTRACT/FULL TEXT-YOUR NAME & SURNAME” on the specified deadlines.
  • The conference will take place online via Zoom. Prior to the conference date the partakers will receive the required links and passcodes via e-mail.
  • A high-quality photograph taken in the last 6 months and a short biography must be presented along with the application.
E-Mail Address for Applications:
  • Submissions to the conference are done via e-mail only. Please e-mail your application to [email protected] with the subject being; “APPLICATION: YOUR NAME & SURNAME-THE TITLE OF YOUR PAPER”
Important Dates
  • Abstract Submission Deadline (Optional): 10.07.2021
  • Announcement of Accepted Papers & the Conference Schedule: 16.07.2021
  • Conference Date: 31.07.2021
  • Full-text Paper Submission Date (Optional): 29.08.2021