“Roots” and “Polar Battle” on Ankara-Washington Line

Benzer İçerikler

The crisis between Turkey and the US seems to continue inspite of  the holy feast. The structural dimension of the crisis does not allow a “holiday break”, nor does it seem to allow. Because the crisis now presents an image that is out of the will of the parties. Therefore, it will be the biggest mistake to consider the crisis as a reflection of the problems in the context of only two countries.

In fact, the cyclical and structural characteristics of the issue have moved the tensions between Turkey and the US into an international dimension. In other words, the crisis has already exceeded the part of the issues that have been overlooked in bilateral relations. So we are faced with a situation like internationalization of the crisis.

The concrete evidence of this is the “list of demands” that drew the image of “terms of ceding” placed in front of Turkey by the US. Clearly, these demands for submission of Turkish foreign policy in terms of “preferences” and forcing a single-sided relationship actually facilitate what the Ankara is going to do. Because these demands are seen by the anti-US “multipolar world” as a part of the challenge and preventative operation of bringing to knees towards themselves. Not only the states like North Korea and Iran make this assesment. This list includes China, Russia and even Germany-France-led European Union (EU)!

The following points lie under the fact that the world’s leading powers, especially the EU, China, Russia and Iran, support Turkey: 1) to end the US hegemon power status and transform it into a regional power; 2) to build a multipolar world order and take part as a pole here; 3) to gain independence from the US.

Therefore, the internationalization of the problem is more in favour of Ankara. This is undoubtedly equivalent to the success of Turkish foreign policy. Although some expert assessments claim that Turkey will enter an “option crisis” in the context of preferences, the conjuncture still recognizes the area of manoeuvrability to Turkey.

As we briefly mentioned above the issue is Turkey’s survivability, as well as the “multipolar world” supporters and deep concern of their future in this context. Hence, the name of the crisis can also be described as a “war of the poles”. War between the rising and falling poles…

“The Rootless’” Will Lose In Return To Historical!

The situation here, which is the case, can also be explained in the form of a clash of powers in the process of returning to historical codes with the US hegemony. As a result of this conflict either the US will win and the unipolar world is to be built or the US will enter the process of disintegration without even remaining as a regional power. In other words, the US can find itself in a different reckoning with the whole world, starting from its immediate surroundings. Those who have suffered from US imperialism in this historic rematch are going to take revenge on it.

It is also important to note that the accumulated rage is not only confined to the outside of the US. The US itself may also go into a serious crisis. Latino Americans which exceed 20 percent and around 10 percent of African-Americans and “homeless” in the US will play the leading role in the US Civil war or the terror environment in the US. Therefore, this “flood of rage-reckoning” may not even recognize such an opportunity to the US. No one doubts that. Because the US is very aware of this possibility…

For this reason, the fact that the US accepts the reality of the “multipolar world” will be equivalent to the end. As the US loses its global power status, the “Secret World State”, which gives it a soul, will leave it, and the US itself will be divided into many states.

It cannot be expected more from an artificially formed GMO state structure. So another important point is here: the post-build-up compilation-gathering states, like the US, are always doomed to lose in the face of states-nations-beliefs with a strong civilization and strong sense of mission!

At This Rate the US Will Taste the Other Side of Turkey!

And here’s another important point: the US has seen Turkey’s friendship in the “unilateral strategic partnership/alliance”” relationship between the two countries so far. In contrast, Turkey has been cheated many times by the US.

Therefore, Turkey knows the hostility of the US, but the US does not know what it means to be adversary/foe with Turkey. In any case the fear of the US stems from here. For this reason, the US is cautious, especially it does not want to face the Turkish army. The Pentagon’s statements are also useful to look at this perspective.

Briefly; Everything will come to an end for the US at the moment when it loses control and  a “New World” will be established.

The control undoubtedly depends on Turkey!

Note: In this way, I congratulate the Feast of Sacrifice of my esteemed readers and send my regards and greetings.