CONFERENCE | Searching for Integration in The Shadow of the Global Power Struggle and the Turkish World


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Eurasia has been the center of the struggle for global domination throughout history and has been described as the heartland of the world in all geopolitical theories. The Turkish World, on the other hand, is located in the center of Eurasia, one of the most important stages of the global power struggle. While multipolarity and great power politics are rising in the international system, the importance of the Turkish World is increasing.

The withdrawal of the USA from Afghanistan on August 31, 2021 shows that a new stage has been entered in the Third Great Game. In this context, it can be predicted that the South Asia-Central Asia-Caucasus route will be targeted through terrorism and radicalization. The stability of this route is gaining more importance day by day in terms of ensuring regional and global peace.

At this point, the states of the region are faced with a difficult challenge. It can be said that the states of the region currently have three options. The first is to turn to defensive measures and the principle of self-help with the logic of the nation-state. The second is to be a part of global competition through alliances with great powers. The third is the development of an integration process based on a win-win understanding that will strengthen their independence.

The most effective way to curb the radicalization that threatens the entire region is to strengthen the cooperation between the states of the region. This requires speeding up the integration processes.

At this point, the countries of the region should seek answers to the following questions: Do current integration initiatives meet the demands of the region? Are the projects shaped by security-based approaches and focusing on certain threats sufficient? Or is there a need for a more comprehensive integration initiative that extends from Central Asia to both South Asia and the Caucasus?

Of course, the other two question that need to be asked is what kind of strategy should be adopted for the Turkish World and what will be the position of the Turkic Council in this process?

As Ankara Center for Crisis and Policy Studies (ANKASAM), we believe that regional and global security challenges should be overcome with the peaceful efforts of regional states in order to build peace, stability and prosperity in the region and a more just and livable world at the global level. In this context, we believe that the development of cooperation processes based on the geopolitics of the Turkic World is of great importance.

In line with this vision, we are ready to assume responsibility for seizing opportunities for regional stability, prosperity and cooperation. In this sense, we call on think tanks, journalists, academics and related experts of the countries in the region with the aim of developing a common mind and presenting an academic perspective. With this call, we announce that we will organize an online international conference that will bring together the regional intelligentsia.

The Main Topics:

  • The Importance of Eurasian Geopolitics and the Turkic World in the Global Power Struggle
  • Reflections of Developments Centered in Afghanistan
  • Regional Security issues
  • Security of Energy and Trade Routes
  • Regional Issues, Threats and Elements of Instability
  • Radicalization and Terrorism
  • Expectations and Approaches of Regional and Global Actors
  • The Importance and Opportunities of Regional Cooperation
  • Belt-Road Initiative and Creation of New Trade Routes
  • Current Integration Attempts and Possible Integration Options
  • The Role and Future of the Turkic Council in the Search for Regional and Global Stability
  • What Kind of Roadmap for a Common Future?

Important Dates:

  • Abstract Deadline (Optional): 15.10.2021
  • Announcement of Accepted Papers: 25.10.2021
  • Announcement of the Program: 01.11.2021
  • Conference Date: 06.11.2021
  • Full-Text Paper Submission Date: 30.11.2021

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