“Covert Cognisances” in the New US National Security Strategy

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President Donald Trump’s announcement of the new US National Security Strategy on December 18th, by quoting that “America is coming back, the United States is coming back strong” communicates essential clues on why he was chosen as the next president of the US. This colloquy once again demonstrates that the US is fact-pacing towards decline and every onset to reverse this period has so-far failed. Thus the US is seeking a multitude of scapegoats domestically and globally to initiate a “grand multidimensional reckoning” process.

The period for the US to implement another “Monroe Doctrine” and isolate itself from the world has long befallen. Therefore the sole expediency for the US which is in a state of ruthlessness and anger is to utilise “brute force”.

This, in a sense, can be interpreted as “Trump becoming Putin” or “Russification of the US” since the US like Russia is embracing “armaments” as its most potent tool.

In other words, the “deep state”, aware of the forfeiture of its economical-financial competitive power, which was also underlined in Trump’s inaugural speech is inclined to avert this collapse through conflict, a radical modus that the US knows best.

In its opinion, the US has many valid/justified reasons. Although Trump has put forward the reason as a quest by the US for global leadership, declaring “America is coming back, America is coming back strong”, the rationalism is US perpetuity.

Therefore, the new National Security Strategy announced by Trump and approved by the whole cabinet on 18th of December is a confession of this truth.

Proclamations in the National Security Strategy Document!

In this context, Trump’s “America First” strategy is imperative since it criticises previous administrations in failing to protect the interests of the American people and gives priority to border security.

The “America First” strategy is based on four principles; “Landwehr, preserving and strengthening the prosperity of America, sustaining of peace through the use of force and increasing America’s influence”, which boasts the end of “American graciousness”.

The US, which until yesterday attempted to influence states through providing aids (as seen in 1990’s through “Russia First” policy) has acknowledged that it neither has the power nor the ability to continue such policy. Thus the “deep state” cognisant that it will pay a hefty bill for ignoring many facts is initiating a new policy aimed at gaining public opinion and strengthening infrastructure.

However, this shift of policy is not a new development. Trump has put forward the “First America” rhetoric as a promise both during the election process and once again in his inaugural speech. This is why the statements of the new National Security Strategy are old news!

A “Super Power” That Cannot Protect its Borders

The fact that the US can no more protect its borders a critical indicator that illustrates the collapse of  US power. The US which carried out “pre-emptive strikes” in the Turkic-Islamic geography mainly in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya is now facing the demise of its immediate environment.

As a matter of fact, US borders are riddled! The US aware that it could pay a hefty price for letting go the Latin American continent especially in Mexico has begun taking measures.

In this context, although Trump points to Asia-Pacific as the epicentre of future conflicts, he, shortly has to admit the same for his immediate vicinity. Thi ever-increasing presence of Russia, China and even Iran in the geography mentioned above is the most significant indicator of such occurrence. Therefore the US which perceives these countries as hostiles and destabilises them through domestic violence and encompassment will soon be in a similar situation. In this context, Trump in his speech, underlying the need for “a power struggle with neighbours” is critical.

Is the US becoming a “Third World Country”?

Another essential aspect of Trump’s speech are the accusations of incompetence and failure put forth regarding previous administrations. This utterance by Trump is significant in that it shows that the United States has been exposed to a disease, which was earlier identified with the “Third World Countries.”

The US leaders, which used to boast on being a state with a robust system and play down such accusations, are now reacting to their failures and weakness with a “Third World Reflex”.

The fact that Trump accusing previous administrations of not sufficiently protecting the interests of its people and utilising such claims to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Agreement and the Paris Climate Treaty indicates that the US will go through a comprehensive “development plan”; also showcases a weak leadership and beginning of corruption within the administration.