Pardon me, but is the US, the “New” Assassin of the World?

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The US has begun to express reality through a much higher volume and what lies in the basis of such course is the inevitable decline of the “American Power”.  The US which aimed for universal hegemony but lost its leadership within the Western world has been exposed to severe reckoning and criticism within its institutions.

One of the principal criticisers is Jerry Day, a US media expert and activist. Day drew attention to US intervention in the Middle East and the Islamic world and their legitimacy by stating that; “the US has violated all international accords, bombed Muslim countries and killed civilians. Through such actions, the US became isolated from the world. Our ruination will be like the Germans during the Second World War. The US is the new assassin of the World”.

This determination is correct but falls short. The US was founded on a heretical understanding of Messiah and hence bears the ideology of “killing” since its establishment.

The US has a long history of causing massacre from the Red Indians to the operations of slaves brought from Africa and other places of the world. Hence the US is not only the “assassin” of the “New World” but also the “Old” one too.

On the other hand, Day is right: The collapse of a state whose foundation and continuity is based on bloodshed will also be sanguine. The end will be like the Nazis during the Second World War. Even the Germans will take their revenge. German Foreign Minister’s observations indicate such conclusion.

Finally, actions and activities undertaken by the US administration keep on accelerating such foregone conclusion.

The Behest of the State Always Remains the Same!

This confession/determination of Jerry Day was made decades ago. For instance, Emin Işık, a prominent reflective made a similar judgment. In his work; “Behest of the State” the following assertions were made about the United States:

“Initially, America was attacked by people outlaws who were not accepted by society. These people were the ones who settled in America with the help of local administrations in Europe. They took possession of the land owned by locals through their superior weaponry and later played a central role in the foundation of the state. Those people believed that everything could be done with the power of money, accepted ​​extortion and possessed large estates illegitimately, finally established a state compatible with their ideology. The mindset of those greedy thinkers who played an influential role in the establishment of the country is the spirit of today’s America.”

Emin Isik, who revealed the truth of what makes “America” has also shed light on its future course, and by “spirit” he meant the immutability of the American genetic and cultural codes that would lead to an inevitable end. Similar sentiments have been put forward by Turkish politicians, at a point where Turkish-American relation have hit an all-time low due to PKK and its Syrian version in North Syria in the form of PYD / YPG / SDG. For instance, Devlet Bahçeli stated that; “it is shameless and immoral for the US not to let go its wild west obsession”.

At this point, Emin Işık states the following; “As for us; the mindset that played a significant role in the foundation of our state was thoroughly explained to avoid different interpretation. Osman Bey indicated to his son Orhan that “a world leader doesn’t occur with fighting. Our cause is to be mujahedeen in the way of religion.” Through these words, Osman Bey expressed not only his thoughts but also the mentality rooted in the spirit of Anatolian Turks since the time of Alparslan. Osman Bey also advised not to drift away from knowledge and religion.

“The Owner of Force and Power is God, not the US.”

Today we are genuinely in need of a national view. This can only occur if we trust and rely on ourselves. On the contrary, we will not be able to express our future, and we shall be doomed.

It will not be easy unless US phobia and its disciplines are eradicated. Therefore, we need to eliminate and treat the injuries and weaknesses in our national culture, as soon as possible.

Our late Professor Necmettin Erbakan has been stating this for decades. For instance, in his speech in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, he defied the US and his quasars.

Finally, the US will be drowned in the whirlpool of blood it caused since the “the redeemer of Force and Power is God, not the US.”