The US has Pulled the Pin on Itself!

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The Jerusalem centric crisis is keeping on its trend. Developments showcase that if US-Israel does not take a step back, the process will evolve into predominant violence-warfare. Furthermore, the emergence of different alliances-balances due to this occurrence will not be a surprise. For this, we need to take a look at US President Donald Trump’s “Jerusalem Decision” and a few explanations that followed.

First of all, Trump utilised the following to justify his decision: “Previous presidents had promised such decisions before elections, but failed to capitalise it. I’m making it a reality. This is a decision that should have been taken long before. Jerusalem is not only the centrepiece of the three holy religions but also the capital of one of the most successful democracies in the world.”

The following sentences, uttered by Trumps to his supporters in the State of Florida, let the cat out of the bag: “We are a nation that built the Panama Canal, won two World Wars, sent men to the moon and lambasted communism.”

These words should not be considered as merely encouraging slogans or American Ego. Trump with this acknowledgement is warning the US is once again ready to rage down Brussels, London, Berlin, Rome and Moscow”.

Europe has come to realise that the current hegemony of the US has emerged through the  “big civil war” it witnessed within itself. That is; the US delayed its entry into the war until European states were weakened enough. The US through aids focused on prolonging the war and making Europe a dependent of its resources.

As a matter of fact, towards the end of the war, the United Kingdom, which was called “the Empire on which the sun never sets”, had to transfer its colonies and a large domain of its influence to the US under the pretext of  “decolonisation”.

The “Evangelical-Zionist Alliance” and the “Others”

As underlined in earlier analyses, the US wants to maintain its hegemonic power for at least another fifty years, through a worldwide controlled war.

For this, it is willing to initiate a war between the “West-East” and “Islam-Christian” and take radical decisions by igniting conflict between Europe and its neighbours (especially Turkey and Russia).

In this context, it is understood that the “Evangelical-Zionist Alliance” was put into practice on 11th of September has entered into its final phase. This alliance; points out that Jerusalem is a significant loss not only for the Islamic world but also for the Christian world too. Therefore, the Christian realm seems to understand these consequences.

This forms the basis of reactions by many Christians and other religions of the world, especially the European Union and Russia. Therefore, Trump seems to have pushed all the states that looked the other way into unity.

In this context, it turns out that Trump’s effort to showcase Israel as “the guardian of Western values in the Middle East” have failed in entirety. Furthermore, Europe has lashed backed on the representation of Israel as “one of the worlds’ most successful democracies”.  This is why Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed European countries for acting hypocritically.

As a result, Trump’s decision is a milestone in history, as it has led to solidarity among not only the Islamic World but also Europe and many other regions that were seen as out equation.

The “delayed decision” of President Trump does not only ignite a “war among civilisations” but also portrays that his single alliance based on “Messiah understanding”. This once again leads to the “existence”, “extinction” dilemma of the United States.