Priest and Dollar Reduced Crisis (!)

The crisis between the US and Turkey has been reduced to a “priest” and only to the “piece of paper” as a rude power, bullying and weapon. In this context, even a rhetoric that the dollar does not have an equivalent can be claimed to be inaccurate or at least incomplete. But it’s not that simple.

Therefore, in crisis assessments on Ankara-Washington line, it is seen that there has been a huge injustice against Turkey and that is because of the reality of the new World and Turkey which still cannot be understood. In fact, such issues as the “name”, “reasons”, “real actors”, “possible future” and “consequences” of the crisis are being evaluated on very different grounds. Consequently, the results are not reliable enough.

The biggest evaluation mistake here is to approach the topic only from the conjunctural framework. Moreover, this conjunctural viewpoint is not from a broad perspective; based on limited information, shallow and rather guided, third-hand knowledge. However, in a real sense, a strategic assessment is a business that requires serious expertise.

Unfortunately, the discipline itself like international relations in today’s world, is at stake. This is one of the reasons that makes the world inextricable and quickly leads to chaos. This determination also applicable in terms of Turkey!

A real strategic assessment firstly goes through knowing the place you stepped and looking at the issue from there. This is the geography itself and the national consciousness. If you cannot read your footsteps from your own window, with your own theories and concepts on a global basis, and especially if you do not know its historical background, then you cannot do a reliable analysis in the context of “geography-history-politics.” Because in the real sense, understanding the conjuncture passes through here. Unfortunately, this is not the instant information you get from Google or similar search engines …

The crisis between Turkey and the US has already taken its cue from this evaluation errors. Looking at the issue with mathematical data from other people’s “will/interest windows” is undoubtedly the biggest illusion here. On the basis of this, of course, lies “inferiority” “complexity”, “volunteer” and “intelligence”. So, it’s completely a moral problem!

In this context, Turkey must first overcome this problem. There is a need for a new perspective and structure from A to Z. Maybe that’s what this crisis reminds us once again. Hopefully this time, it will be started seriously in this work and go to a new structure.

US disturbed by Turkey’s Rebel Power!

Evaluation of the asymmetric situation between Turkey and the US only with material power elements, once in itself a mistake. For example, the US spent billions of dollars trying to have a soft power that Turkey possesses but failed to do so. For this reason, even Barack Obama whose name was Hussein was brought into power, and he gave plenty of poses, had talks but did not work. Because the US has no place in the heart of humanity. On the contrary, every day there is a growing hatred and it is very interesting that the US carries wood there persistently.

This “hatred” lies under the inability of the US to mobilize the masses. The US cannot control the insurrections, and therefore is not able get a full dominance over the field. The US, which has no superiority out of “palace power”, therefore cannot be a real power, and therefore is the undesirable man…

In turn, Turkey is an actor to be said “sought” and “late” by the insurrections started from its immediate surroundings to the global. Turkey’s alliance with the “insurrections” has spoiled many games. This advantage is protecting Turkey from many operations, as well as forcing it to become a leading country. Strong and clean past, here’s the biggest reference. That’s why Turkey is extremely effective in the field despite pro-US regimes.

The return of the Turkish geopolitics…

Another misconception of the assessments is that the attempts from time to time to trivialize and discredit Turkey’s geopolitical-strategic importance, where the biggest arguments are “let’s not exaggerate the geopolitical significance of Turkey”. Then we have to ask here; If Turkey’s geopolitical position is not so important, then why is Turkey being targeted for several centuries and the Turks are trying to be removed from this geography?

We are aware that geopolitics is not a magic wand itself, and even having it has caused disasters for many state-nations. But the other thing we are aware of is that those with geopolitics also have a huge advantage over the way of becoming global power. The history of Anatolia and Mesopotamia tells us the same.

Indeed, this issue lies under the Turkey’s a simultaneous struggle in the context of Anatolia and Mesopotamia, or to be surrounded and demolished. Turkey is therefore fighting on two great fronts. The world will enter a new era as Turkey splits this siege and places its flag there.

“Strong Leadership-Strong State” in the Target of US…

The discontent from the process of consolidating the geopolitical-strategic importance of the location with the concept of leadership is one of the main reasons for the recent operations against Turkey. Because they are also aware that the only option in front of this state, which is reinforced by a strong leadership, is to establish a global state again.

Dolayısıyla Türkiye-ABD arasındaki krizin temelinde, Washington’un çok daha büyük, derin kaygıları yatmaktadır. ABD, Türkiye’yi engelleyemediği takdirde karşısına çok daha farklı bir eksenin çıkacağının ve bunun diğerlerinden farklı olduğunun bilincindedir. Osmanlı sonrası bölgede oluşan güç boşluğunu yeniden doldurmaya aday Türkiye, bundan ötürü ABD’nin hedefindedir.

So, Washington’s much larger, deeper concerns lie on the basis of the crisis between Turkey and the US. If the US cannot prevent Turkey, it is aware that a much different axis will emerge and that it is different from others. Turkey, which is the candidate for refilling the power gap in the post-Ottoman region, is the target of the US for this reason.

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