Turkic Council, Organization of Turkic States and Expectations

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What are the contributions of the Karabakh Victory to the integration of the Turkish World?

Since the establishment of the Turkic Council, Azerbaijan has been in the organization and has taken on active duties. Thanks to being one of the founding members of the organization, Azerbaijan has full knowledge of the basic functioning of the organization and the processes carried out. Also, as it is known, the term presidency of the Turkic Council was to be transferred to Turkey in 2020. However, this did not happen due to the Covid-19 outbreak. For this reason, in the two-year period, Azerbaijan both fought the epidemic, fought the Second Karabakh War, and showed great self-sacrifice while realising its responsibilities in the Turkic Council. It succeeded in all of these.

On the other hand, the Turkic Council achieved a significant gain during the term presidency of Azerbaijan. This achievement was shaped within the framework of Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan relations. As it is known, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan agreed on the Friendship Energy Field in the Caspian Sea. The aforementioned consensus was effective in bringing Turkmenistan which is an important and valuable actor to the Turkic Council. This attitude of Azerbaijan has proven to the world that the Turkic Council is a friendship and stability council and is trying to create a peace basin.

What is the role of Azerbaijan in the Turkic Council?

Frankly, the Karabakh Victory is a turning point for both Azerbaijan and the Turkish World. Because the 30-year unlawful occupation has come to an end. In this way, Azerbaijan has increased its prestige in international politics by ensuring its territorial integrity. Undoubtedly, the victory of Azerbaijan, which is a member of the Turkish World, is the victory of the entire Turkish World.

In addition, Baku made Yerevan accept the opening of the Zangezur Corridor between Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan with the ceasefire signed after the Second Karabakh War. Zangezur Corridor will not only connect Azerbaijan lands; it will also provide uninterrupted land connection on the Turkey-Caucasus-Central Asia line. Thus, the countries of the Turkic World will establish a continuous connection with each other in an easier and shorter way through the Middle Line they have created. On this occasion, Central Asia and other Asian countries will increase the geopolitical, geostrategic and geoeconomic power and cooperation of the Turkish World by establishing a connection with the Western World through the Zengezur Corridor.

Finally, Turkmenistan, which will open to the world through Azerbaijan, has become an observer member of the Organization of Turkish States thanks to the friendship and cooperation established. This is a reflection of Azerbaijan’s rightful Karabakh Victory to the Turkish World.

What are the expectations from Turkey’s term presidency?

As a result of the duties it has taken for many years, Turkey is experienced in managing international organizations and fulfilling its responsibilities. First of all, the expectation from Turkey is the implementation of the joint decisions taken by the countries. In addition to this, it is desired to increase the economic, social, cultural and scientific rapprochement between the countries within the framework of the Organization of Turkic States. In this context, the Turkish World should prioritize common interests, act within the framework of mutual respect and take joint decisions. Turkey has the power and capacity to achieve this.

One of the important expectations regarding Turkey is to bring the Turkish World together. Of course, it cannot be expected to exclude the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) from these processes. As a matter of fact, at the Istanbul Summit, the TRNC is not the so-called Turkish World; It has been confirmed to be a part of the core. This is extremely significant.

Finally, it should be noted that; The Organization of Turkic States aims to establish a basin of peace, prosperity and stability through common cultural and civilizational values. For this reason, Ankara is expected to build a basin of peace, prosperity and security in the heart of Eurasia, stretching from Central Asia to the Caucasus and Turkey. Especially the developments in Afghanistan are of great importance for the security and interests of the Turkish World. This will happen thanks to the support and solidarity of the states of the Turkic World to Turkey.

ANKASAM President Prof. Dr. Mehmet Seyfettin Erol’s evaluations, titled “Türk Dünyasının Ali Ordeni” ilə təltif olunması tarixi Zəfərə verilən yüksək qiymətdir” were published in Azerbaijan Turkish on on 13.11.2021.