Did the US Change Strategy Against Turkey?

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Turkey’s resolute attitude and operations in the field since 24th of August 2016, has caused the US to lose composure. Washington which until yesterday supported its discourse; “Turkey will eventually seek US support in Syria” has begun to realise that such rhetoric is harmful and likely to have multi-dimensional margins, which include Russia, China, and Iran along with NATO and the EU.

The US is aware of the fact that if Turkey is mislaid irremediably; its global hegemony and western leadership will be endangered. Furthermore, such occurrence would also cause chaos in domestic politics too. In other words, a struggle for power within the western world and a second civil war could be initiated in the United States.

Although it is late, the US has begun understanding that Turkey is one of the central actors of the “New World Order”. Another fact that the US takes into consideration is the reality of Turkish politics and dynamics which indicate that relations between the two will never be the same again.

Furthermore, this will have openly announced that it will not be a part of US’s unilateral interventions and massacres. This is also the underlying factor of the struggle between Turkey and US for decades.

The New Strategy is built on “Scapegoat” and “We Understand You”!

The US is trying to meet/reconcile with this new behest in a new fashion. Hence, a new strategy has been put into practice to gain Turkey. In this regard, Washington is crinkling in a bad way and looking for a scapegoat and Russia has become the pigeon. In this context, the statement of US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert: “By its statements, Russia is not only causing avoidance but also leading to a split between two NATO.” is substantial.

According to Nauert, Russia is responsible for the division between Turkey and US/NATO, not PYD-YPG/SDG/PKK terror organisations and Washington’s policies of Neo-Sevres.

Nauert is apparently living in a different universe. Following the jet crisis between Turkey and Russia on 25th of November, the US turned the tension into an opportunity and chose a terror group as an ally rather than Turkey. It seems that Russia has made this preference to.

Such statements lack any serious state policy and highlight that the US has lost its deterrence. The US should give up these self-conceited attitudes. Furthermore, no state can sustain such “cold-blooded” assertions.

The reason the US is quickly collapsing is due to such names and the dreams they will never actualise.

Of course, there some names that are trying to garner a more reasonable approach, for instance, Michael Doran. Doran, an expert on Middle-East, said the following about US’s ambition to establish a new order in Syria via PYD/PKK terror organisation rather than Turkey. “Since Barack Obama’s term, incorrect assertions have been made that PYD is different from PKK. You cannot explain this to any Turk.”

The New Strategy: Reconciliation Rather Than Conflict!

Likewise, the US up until yesterday has stood with PYD and ran its flag along with rags of the terror organisation while warning Turkey not to initiate “an operation” is now willing to give up on Afrin, for the East of Euphrates in return. That said, the US once again selling out its trust and threatening with action.

In this context, acting within the framework of Pentagon’s strategy to regain to Turkey, spokesperson Adrian Rankine Galloway statements are paramount. Galloway stated that “if PYD decides to support their counterparts in Afrin, they shall lose our support and will no longer be our allies.”.

The US is trying to support this new strategy with NATO too. Even though NATO’s assertations vary to United States avowals, it is a known truth that NATO cannot exist without US support. Hence NATO’s realisations can be considered as an extension of US strategy.

In this context, following Turkey’s operation against PYD/PKK terror organisation in Afrin, the visit of Rose Gottemoeller, NATO’s Deputy Secretary-General to Ankara is critical. In her visit Gottemoeller, stated that “NATO understands the suffering of Turkey from the threat of terrorism.” However, until the operation, unintended negative consequences were voiced in Turkish-US/Western relations and Turkey-NATO.

Therefore, power reigns and it is necessary to speak in a language that the US understands. Turkey should continue to utilise this language until the ultimate goals are achieved. Sweet talks and groundless promises should be disregarded.

Finally, the US aims to implement a new strategy to divide Turkey via reconciliation, not conflict. Therefore, being aware and alert is compulsory!